Hello all, hope all well, i have been on several flights and starting to win over my fear....HOWEVER i have booked a flight on a Flybe plane its a dash 8 400.....Keith can you tell me how this will compare to usual flights....I am nolt sure about propellers etc!! looking at one seems the propeler is next to the windown and you cant see out too, its going to be a nosey one!! eeekk

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Have a look at this video  it was taken on a Flybe plane.  VIDEO CLICK HERE


Thanks Keith looks the normal run of the mill type of flight then, hope so its just something different I guess. Will see how i get on. Hopefully the weather will not be like the past few days though seeing some of the way a few planes have landed on the news, no thanks!! Still no accidents etc shows its all safe and natural

Hopefully? We don't do 'hopefully' Chris...we do 'realistic'

For example...: What I shall do if it's bad weather is remember that to the pilots it makes no difference.


Just let you knwo completed my flights , the first being the above, all was ok a little rocky at times but cant grumble, away back was back on a 737 so was pretty comfy too, though still not mastered this take off  but all in all more good flights

Hey that's great news tell us more please


Well i was nervous for my initial flight to Belfast on a dash 800 , which is a prop plane. I got little or no sleep the previous night and had the sinking feeling for some reason, i work myself up all the time on this flying but not sure why...anyway getting to the airport and went through security almost immidiately after checking in, i asked for a isle seat to what is a 2/2 format on this plane. I was near the middle apparently. Awaiting in the lounge not much to do but wonder, then my plane turned up ahead of schedule, my thinking is well its been in the air already so all will be ok. Finally boarding have to say the plane was very smart, clean and roomy. All the usual checks where done and we taxied for take off, though i was mildly nervous but not overly. We take off and this was smooth, possible smoothiest ever had, though we are told of the journey taking over an hour which was due to head wind. Flying through the clouds all the way there was a little bump which got me a little concerned but not once did the seat belt sign return back on, until landing which didnt take long. Landing was fine and i was soon on my way to work with no sleep for no reason!

Return flights where BMI Baby 737 a plane i have experience on, i again booked near the wing seats and upon boarding realised i was in the emergency exit, so had to read safety rules on the door, this might seem to a nervous flyer concerning but i wasnt really fazed and had a chuckle to myself. Plane soon taxied and i was nervous but as soon as take off occured this seemed to go, once we got through the clouds anyway, it was nice to see the sunshine!! This journey was only 36 mins so not much to report, landed ok etc.  

"This journey was only 36 mins so not much to report, landed ok etc."

What a great thing to hear from an anxious flyer!! Well done


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