I was just wondering how many on here are going to the new site Keith is setting up?

Keith, can you give us any details about the new one? Will it be similar to this one with a forum and help sections?

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Hi Amanda

The Premium site is in fact a complete on line course which will have over 60 videos and a half a million words of explanation help and guidance.

It will track the progress of fearful flyers and has a personal library where you can put information/videos/ articles for easy reference. There will be a forum of course and a practice ticket booking facility. There are articles about everything a fearful flyers needs to know for example, explanations and help with 23 common fears.

It's going to be the most comprehensive fear of flying site on the internet. Normal price will be £99.99.

I shall be sending out a newsletter about it and will include everyone here.


If you of to our Facebook page here 


and look around august last year you'll see some screen shots and information.


will this forum close?

Hi Andy

If there are enough people interested I'll move everyone over to the new on line course which has its own forum.

This forum is a great facility for people who are anxious and need support but it's demanding of both time and money from me.

I want to be able to give the proper amount of time to the people who sign up for the on line course in the future because they'll have paid £99.99.

Ideally the course will be successful enough to allow me to support this free forum.

It's a difficult decision whether to close this forum because so many people seem to benefit from it.


So do we pay £10 to just use the forum?


If I close this forum then you'd get access to the entire premium site.


£10 would be be gladly given from me, it's been a huge help. Just send the details again when it all changes.
Ps. Currently in LA with only a few tears coming out!

id love to stay a member of the community but wont need to access the entire site (though i would take it gladly)...also...this might sound stupid but i'd like to help if i can...in any capacity....this site gave me loads of confidence when i was starting out in my new job that required a lot of flying and i could not have done it without it...so if you think of a way i can help then please just shout cause i'd love to give something back!

Please don't close this forum! I've found it enormously helpful in the past and would willingly pay a fee to enable it to continue.

Thanks Kathryn


Kathryn Boast said:

Please don't close this forum! I've found it enormously helpful in the past and would willingly pay a fee to enable it to continue.

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