Hi, I've just found this site and it's very comforting to read about people experiencing the very same feelings that I do. I've had the CD for about a year but didn't realise there was a website and forum also.

I downloaded the CD tracks onto my ipod and listen to them before and during the flight. I find them very calming.

I've been afraid for some years after doing a lot of long haul flights in my 20s and 30s. I suddenly became afraid in my last 30s. I could only manage very short flights of 2 hours maximum. But after getting the CD tracks on my ipod I did a 9 hour flight to Seattle!!

I still feel nervous (I have a 7 hour flight to Boston on Friday) and even as I type, feel a sense of doom that by writing this I'm inviting disaster. I KNOW it's crazy but it feels so real.

I'm going to take what I've read in the forum here and use it on Friday to help me keep calm. Like so many on the forum, I want to feel free of the fear and enjoy the flight. As Captain Keith says, there's no quick fix - you have to keep trying and help yourself.

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Hi, Banjo (or Gill!)
First off, exact same thing happened to me. I suddenly became afraid of flying, partly, I think, because of 9/11. I'd flown a lot before then, as a child and a teenager, from the UK as far as Malaysia with no problems at all, in fact, I really enjoyed it, especially the take off. All of a sudden I found I was close to having a panic attack on take-off, all that sensation of energy and movement stopped feeling exciting and started feeling terrifying. The fear built and built, but I have a partner who lives in another country, so it wasn't possible to not fly, I knew I had to do something about it. Started using the book and CDs, and honestly, they really helped. I am so much better than I was.
I know that sense of doom sooooo well. I felt - and still do feel, to a lesser extent - as if, simply by managing to relax when I flew, I would invite disaster. As if I was being over-confident, and fate would notice and squash me - yep, crazy, as you say, but a real and awful feeling. Well, I've taken plenty of flights feeling like that, and fate has not squashed me yet :) And even that feeling has started to recede, just by carrying on flying, and keeping calming and positive thoughts and influences around me.
Best of luck in getting over the fear.

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