Hello everyone! Im really glad to have found this site. Im an american living in scotland, and my fears have stopped me from flying home for ages.


Ive been reading some posts and Im going to copy and paste what someone wrote....is it Frank? - because he describes my fears perfectly. This is what he wrote to another poster:


"I think your reply hit the nail on the head though. Because, in the final analysis and despite any amount of statistics, the type of thing we fearful flyers have uppermost in our minds when flying is "how will I cope if an accident happens?"; "Will I survive?"; "Will it be so unbeleivably terrifying before I die - and then what??" "I don't want to die in an airplane!!"; "I don't want to be afraid and I hate these fearful feelings"; "Oh dear, here come those fearful feelings again and I hate them because I remember how bad they felt last time and this time I'm worried its going to be worse and something really bad will happen....." etc. etc. etc."


I know the statistics (my dad quotes them to me all the time!) But just "what if"? It does happen to people.....the people who have died in plane crashes, they had the same odds as the rest of us....and if I were to be THAT unlucky, I just think the whole process - knowing the planes gonna crash - I cant imagine having to go through that for 2 minutes, or 5 minutes, or whatever it might be! Thats the whole thing that stops me....that intense fear of the 5 minutes of "knowing".....if someone could promise me "if you ever in a plane crash, however remote the chances of that happening, youd know nothing about it - youd die without the fear", then Id happily fly!


Im thinking about doing EMDR therapy...has anyone tried that?



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Tamara, we're pleased to have you here.



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