Hi everyone,

Yes I've done it, I've booked my next flights to Australia, we are going to spend Christmas with the family this year, it will be so lovely to have the time with my daughter and the little one's.

I have to admit to having some butterflies, but I'm trying not to think too much about it, it's a while away yet but thanks to what I have learnt and support here, I feel more confident this time but I will be on here till the bitter end looking for support because I know how bad the 'anticipatory anxiety' can get so any words of encouragement or friendly 'kicks up the backside' you think I need, please feel free :)

Phoebe x

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Phoebe, first of all a huge well done for booking your next trip! You did so well on your last flight and I was so proud of you for overcoming your fear and visiting your daughter and grandchildren. Weird because we are thinking of going back to Orlando next month so, if so, I'll need all the help and support I can get too.Perhaps we can inspire each other again.
I am the world's worst for anticipatory anxiety but try and take one step at atime and get your photos out from your last trip-you did it once before so you can do it again.Everyone here is so supportive and will be right behind you, Bev
Hi Bev

Nice to hear from you.

I can only say in all honesty, if I could get on those planes in the state I was in at Newcastle airport, then ou can get on that plane to Orlando..........I have to say I much prefered the larger planes to the smaller one's, ok the flight time was longer BUT I think the 'ride' overall was much smoother.

You know you can get on that plane, YOU have done it before so dont forget that.

Let me know when you book your flight and I and I'm sure many others will be here for you :)

Phoebe x
Dear Blitt

We've got a course on Feb 28th. Despite what you may think it won't make things worse. Honestly.

And for Phoebe..."here to the bitter end"? ...here until another wonderful meeting with your family happens...doesn't that sound a whole lot more positive?


Hi Keith

Yes you are right of course, I was the one who clearly stated when I got back from Australia 'So stay positive at all times' .......so it's time I took some advice from myself isn't it?

So I'm here (at least) until another wonderful meeting with my family for Christmas.........:)

Phoebe x
That's what I like to hear!

And I've just managed to upgrade to business class for the last leg from Dubai to Newcastle with my Skywards points..............hows that for positivity......LOL

Phoebe x
Hi Keith-thanks for the offer of the course-the problem I seem to have (which i think is weird) is once I get on the plane I am ok it's the build up weeks beforehand to the flight that makes me so panicky.
I have flown to and from Orlando many times and each time the anxiety as soon as we book our flight seems to be worse. I know that flying is the safest form of travel and I really believe that but I think it has now become a fear of the fear if that makes sense! Bev
Hi Bev

This might help your 'anticipatory anxiety' a little.

I got into my mind just to think of one thing at a time, it can be done, ie go to airport, check in, security, departure lounge, board plane, but just think of the next thing then the next thing. I kept telling myself if I thought this way I wasnt over whelming myself with everything and it did work because I DID get on the plane albeit feeling like I was going to die lol.

Another thing to try, Visualisation. When you go to bed, get yourself into a relaxed state then imagine yourself going to the airport and doing the full journey there and back. If you feel too anxious just stop and try the next night, keep doing this and you will find yourself starting to feel more comfortable with it. It will help you honestly........I know :)

Phoebe x
Thanks for your tips Phoebe-I will give it a try! Bev x
Hi Bev

Its a pleasure....if I can think of anything else I will let you know :)

I'm actually making plans with the family for a few days holiday with them when we are there, I couldnt even think about doing that last time....a definate huge step forward for me.

Do you have a date to go to Florida?

Phoebe x
well my husband and my son are going on march 6th for 3 weeks and I have an option to go.I need to make my mind up really. Bev x

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