Hi everyone,

Yes I've done it, I've booked my next flights to Australia, we are going to spend Christmas with the family this year, it will be so lovely to have the time with my daughter and the little one's.

I have to admit to having some butterflies, but I'm trying not to think too much about it, it's a while away yet but thanks to what I have learnt and support here, I feel more confident this time but I will be on here till the bitter end looking for support because I know how bad the 'anticipatory anxiety' can get so any words of encouragement or friendly 'kicks up the backside' you think I need, please feel free :)

Phoebe x

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Well just make your mind up to go....positive thoughts.

I remember in a dark moment building up to my last flight I posted that my head was screaming DONT DO IT...but my heart was saying GO FOR IT......

Keith replied 'well follow your heart then' so I did :) Thats what you have to do..

Phoebe x
Hi Phoebe-how's it going?
I have decided to take one day at a time and see how I get on.My husband is taking a different attitude this time and saying I can just decide the day of the trip wether or not I want to go and that seems to be making a huge difference to my nerves!
I know that it's just the anticipatory anxiety that builds up before a flight that I need to get on top of.Just trying baby steps now! Bev x
Thats exactly what you need, it really did help me.

Great to hear your hubby seems to be understanding how you feel now, it really helps having the pressure taken off and putting you in control.

I told myself to just do the next thing, then the next (as I mentioned) and it really did work for me, and I told myself if I did that then I couldnt get on the plane on the day.......well I couldnt and there was nothing I could do about it, so again the control was in my hands and it definatly does help.

If you dont go....hey nobody died.........you can just try again another time :) Keep all these positive thoughts in your mind and try reciting these Reiki precepts

Just for today - do not worry
Just for today - do not anger
Just for today - be humble
Just for today - be honest (about how you feel)
Just for today - be compasionate with yourself.

It is known as 'mindfulness' or in other words 'live in the moment'
Two other great Reiki sayings I like are
Dont worry about the past it is gone and you cant change it......
There's no point worrying about the future because it hasnt happened yet.........

Makes a lot of sense for me :)

Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Phoebe x
Hey Pheobe,
Glad to hear you've rebooked for Oz.
Following my trip to NZ my dad has booked our summer family holiday to South Africa which we had put off for years due to my fear.
I too am feeling a little apprehensive but keeping it all in perspective.
Flew on my own to Belfast and back last weekend and although I got pretty nervous I did it so happy there.
Sarah x
Hi Sarah

Nice to put a face to the name :)

Thats great news, I bet your dad is so chuffed with you.........

I dont know about you but although I am anxious I dont feel as ' terrified' as when I booked my 1st flights although I'm not relishing the long journey, we are actually looking to book a few days away together when we get there, something I couldnt even think about before and (in hindsight...a wonderful thing lol) we are breaking the journey up so having a couple of nights in Singapore so we don't feel as wrecked when we actually get to Brisbane.

We flew with Emirates so joined their Skywards programme and the airmiles we got (plus a few extra we bought) we have managed to upgrade to Business Class for the last leg of the journey home from Dubai to Newcastle..and a chauffeur driven car to bring us home..hows that for service. I just don't hope it dosen't spoil me for future trips LOL.

When are you going to South Africa? Could you ever imagine you would be saying that......what a difference a year makes eh?

Phoebe x
Well I think they were a bit shocked I said yes and your right it makes a huge difference a year eh? It's nice to see you too and can put a name to a face. I don't feel as terrified no but I know I'll get nervous as that's just me :)
We are going mid July for two weeks and it looks incredible. It'll be economy for me but a 5 star hotel for a night or two out there which will be amazing.
Lol you deserve to be spoilt, you've done so well and helped so many people.
So pleased for you with your new holiday plans

Sarah x
Just as long as I can keep myself calm...!!!

But keep popping in and I'll be here if you need a texty friend again lol...........

Phoebe x

I'm the older one by the way..lol..........the blond one is my daughter Emma the night before they left for Australia.................

Phoebe x
Hi Phoebe

You know I think that this is great.
Well done you for going back to Oz ............. I wish I was!
June x
Hi June

I'm not there yet but got a few months to work on it.........lol

It's a case of booking ASAP to get good prices......it's not cheap, but worth it :)

Phoebe x
Hi Phoebe,
Well done for booking your next flight to Oz.Once everything is booked for your stop over in Singapore it will be time to relax and enjoy the rest of the year with the excitement of seeing your family at Christmas,
Elizabeth. x
Hi Elizbeth

Yes that's the thing I'm concentrating on, seeing them again.

The little one's are growing so quickly I have to see them whenever I can.

I think you will be plesantly surprised when you get on the 777 compared to the smaller planes, someone told me they were like 5 star lounges in the sky and they were....and when the first plane landed in Dubai I kind of braced myself but it was so gentle I actually said to hubby, is that? are we dowm? it felt like the plane just 'gently kissed the runway.....lol

Phoebe x

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