Flying to Madrid in 3 weeks- a mini flight compared to my adventures last year to Cuba- but even so will be taking everything I have learnt from Keith and this site "on board" and will be practising relaxation too.

Drove down M6, M40 on Weds in heavy rain. On M6 toll  an Audi overtook me and then suddenly smoke appeared- he pulled over and when I passed him could see his rear tyre was shredded. Then on A34 sat for an hour while an accident -think lorry fire was cleared- yet folk get into their cars without a thought but we get/got frightened about flying- foor for thought!


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Sorry, typo-last bit should read Food for thought!
Yeah I think I drive to work on the worlds worst road. I work 30 mins away from where I live and everyday I am shaking my head and screaming out at the loons that overtake on bends in front of my eyes or are chatting on their mobiles etc etc. I've had some near misses and each day I think about flying and sometimes I wish I was up there because it's better than being on our roads. One swerve or an eye taken off the road for a split second can cause serious injury. Just keep reminding myself of that and it's def food for thought.
Fear of Flying

I am so so proud of how far you have come.

I feel a re-union coming on !

Captain Keith said:
Fear of Flying

I am so so proud of how far you have come.

I feel a re-union coming on !


I think a re-union sounds like a damn fine idea! I'd be up for it
Hi All

Well done Elizabeth.

How good is it that we now have 1000 members, certainly don’t know where I would have been without it, yes I do.....mourning the loss of my daughter and 2 grand daughters in Australia because I couldn’t see them and my new grand child due in April 2011, but I’m not and will soon be booking my flights for the happy event, I can never say ‘thank you’ enough.

I, no doubt like like you all, still feel jittery about it but considering I couldnt even 'think' about getting on a plane before I came here, it's nothing.

Fear of Flying

Done well haven't we?


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