Not Doing a Countdown to my Flight!!!! (Although it's 8 weeks!!!)

Hi Everyone!I

I wasn't going to do a count down to my flight because I didn't want to make a big issue out of it and do you know what??  It's not!!!!

My husband got me Keith's book (which has been read and re-read and re-read etc) and being with you guys on the this site has been a help I just wouldn't have believed possible.  My husband bought be the audio course and it has been even more of a help.  Listening to Keith's calm approach to it all I think "of course what am I thinking about!!"  All these things have been such a help to me that I (ME!!!!!!!!!) suggested we went on holiday this year!!!  ABSOLUTELY UNHEARD OF!!!!  The upshot is I am looking forward to my holiday and thinking about things we are going to do when we are there (it's just visiting my husband's family in Mallorca but I've never viewed going there as a "holiday" - this time I am).

My husband said a few weeks ago "14 weeks until we fly" and my first thought was......Oh no!  Can I lose 2lbs a week before then!!!!  Not flying - not dying!!

I have been "taking Keith to bed with me" for the last month (sorry Mrs Captain Keith) and last night I actually fell asleep listening to the audio course!!!!  I NEVER thought I would do that - even just the background noise of engines in the audio would make my stomach knot, give me palpitations and bring me out in a sweat!!!  I think I may be de-sensitised to it which can only be good!!

I may have a wobble at the airport so I'm going to put Keith's number into my phone but so far........

Thanks guys!!!

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Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. And well done!


01420 588 628

You're sooo inspiring! I have just joined this site and I too hope to be booking a holiday soon as a surprise for my husband. I need to speak to Keith & buy the audio course. So far I've done the Virgin Flying Without Fear Course which was very good but then I experienced 2 fly arounds before landing at a different airport instilling all the old fears! I then tried hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Therapy just not enough to get me on a plane! I have read Keith's book which is very reassuring along with others. Watch this space I hope to be like you and looking forward to a holiday!

Hey Jackie!  Thanks for your comment but I'm not the inspiring one it's Keith and everyone on this site!  I didn't fly from 1993 until 2006 because of my fear!  My hubby booked a cruise for us for my 40th in 2007 and on the one hour flight from Glasgow to Southampton I had to be medicated!  I missed most of the first day of the cruise because I was so spaced out from the tablets.  My hubby's family live in Mallorca and I wouldn't let my son fly because of MY fear!  My son's grandparents died a few years ago and I feel so bad he missed out on them and they missed out on him.  Fortunately he has NO FEAR WHATSOEVER about flying and he and my husband go regularly now to Mallorca to visit aunts and cousins!  Help is here!!  Enjoy your holiday - book when you are ready, not when everyone else says!!! 


Well folks!  The "WOBBLE" has taken place apparently!!!!  I had to be admitted to hospital on Tuesday night on a 999 call thinking I was having a heart attack!!  Glad to say all fine and it wasn't.  Hubby asked Doc in A & E if it was a panic and he said no......but my own GP has said in the absence of anything physical it probably was!  I explained that I had been absoluely fine with no negative thoughts and was actually looking forward to being on holiday.  She said that maybe whilst my head was "in the zone" my body hadn't quite caught up!  Maybe somewhere deep inside I was scared and it had manifested itself this way.......have to admit I would have rather I had just burst into tears in the kitchen but hey ho!!

Hopefully that's it but feel really disappointed!! Hopefully on Tuesday I will just cry going up the stairs......and if that's as bad as it gets - after Tuesday - I'll take it gratefully!!  LOL



Don't include disappointment in your feelings... everything is progress. And I'd swap hopefull thinking for realistic thinking.

Well done for sticking with it and not thinking of avoiding the flight.



Hi Alexa- maybe your panic or 'turn,' was unrelated to the flight? Maybe it was the heat?! I too have been speaking to Captain Keith and he really is a special man. You know you can do it, you know the facts, you know it's safe! I know this too but it doesn't allow me to think I'm going to enjoy it. Focus on the holiday & all the lovely new experiences you are going to have. The heat, relaxation, no cooking, chilling by the pool... !

I was going to travel to Alton tomorrow to complete the course on Saturday but actually watching Keith's DVD of the course and reading his book again I know the facts - as you do but it doesn't remove the fear. You have to 'feel the fear and do it anyway!' That way the fear will be removed, as will mine! So why am I having palpitations typing this?

I too fancy all inclusive in Majorca. I'm off work in August so trying to think positive thoughts. Do you know a plane lands in Edinburgh airport every 2-3 minutes, I know I've sat and watched.

You can do this, you know you can! So what if you cry? Breath deep and take control. Best wishes.

...and Alton is such a nice place..


well done Jacqui



Captain Keith said:

...and Alton is such a nice place..


well done Jacqui



I will come to Alton to shake your hand (or maybe hug) if I make it Majorca & back!

Hi Jacqui

Thanks for your support!  I totally am going to feel the pain and do it anyway!  You may be right about it not being a panic attack and the more I think about it the less convinced I am.  We're flying from Prestwick Airport (we live in Ayr - so what 5 minute taxi drive) and I am looking forward to seeing my son's school (Prestwick Academy - right next to idea how they get any work done.....actually that might explain alot! LOL) and trying to find my house from the air.  Hubby and son have flown from Prestwick a few times and say it's beautiful seeing the coastline.  If (no WHEN) I look out the window it will be a first - normally I have my eyes tightly shut and am sobbing hysterically!  NOT THIS TIME- it is a means to an end to get to my sister in law's villa in Son Servera (northeast of Mallorca near Cala Millor) and on Tuesday night I will be sitting on her terrace, listening to the crickets, toasing you, Keith and everyone else on this site for their support with a glass of rioja!!!......Thanks again.




OK, packed, had green tea, got Keith's book and audio on MP3.........I'm set!!!  Couple of hours to check in - so far so good!  Slept really well last night - hubby is AMAZED!!!  Expecting to be nervous.....but to deal with it!!

I'll let you know when "the eagle has landed"!!


Been thinking about you on and off all day! Has the eagle landed?

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