Not Doing a Countdown to my Flight!!!! (Although it's 8 weeks!!!)

Hi Everyone!I

I wasn't going to do a count down to my flight because I didn't want to make a big issue out of it and do you know what??  It's not!!!!

My husband got me Keith's book (which has been read and re-read and re-read etc) and being with you guys on the this site has been a help I just wouldn't have believed possible.  My husband bought be the audio course and it has been even more of a help.  Listening to Keith's calm approach to it all I think "of course what am I thinking about!!"  All these things have been such a help to me that I (ME!!!!!!!!!) suggested we went on holiday this year!!!  ABSOLUTELY UNHEARD OF!!!!  The upshot is I am looking forward to my holiday and thinking about things we are going to do when we are there (it's just visiting my husband's family in Mallorca but I've never viewed going there as a "holiday" - this time I am).

My husband said a few weeks ago "14 weeks until we fly" and my first thought was......Oh no!  Can I lose 2lbs a week before then!!!!  Not flying - not dying!!

I have been "taking Keith to bed with me" for the last month (sorry Mrs Captain Keith) and last night I actually fell asleep listening to the audio course!!!!  I NEVER thought I would do that - even just the background noise of engines in the audio would make my stomach knot, give me palpitations and bring me out in a sweat!!!  I think I may be de-sensitised to it which can only be good!!

I may have a wobble at the airport so I'm going to put Keith's number into my phone but so far........

Thanks guys!!!

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Zsuzsanna said:

Wow, congratulations Alexa!!! You've done it you've done it!!!!


I also burst into tears in one recent flight when a kid screamed loud out of nowhere... It took me several minutes to catch my breath again... It's just so hard to trust in the process, huh? We're worked up and react out of proportion to anything. But, it's normal to react with some degree of anxiety to unexpected loud noises, so it's just a question of reducing it a little bit every time. Think about it this way, at least we're not freaking out whenever anyone flushes the toilet or presses the button to call a flight attendant any more :) - even those simple things used to make my blood pressure rocket!


Keep it up, it'll only get better :)

Alexa Pirrie said:

Hi all!!!

Back at work as if nothing happened......and of course it didn't and wasn't going to!!!  Got to admit I was a bit more jumpy on way back but I think that's because I hadn't prepared as much/in the same way!!  I did burst into tears when the "Ryanair Lottery" was announced because out of nowhere there was a loud fanfare!!!...........but THAT WAS AS BAD AS IT GOT and it did release a bit of tension!!

Hubby and son are soooo proud and I've got to admit I'm proud too!!

Jacqui and Zsuzsanna - thank you for your support!  Keith - THANK YOU!!!! you were with me every step of the way on my MP3! 

Jacqui try to face the fear (easy for me to say now) but it was worth it!!!  I may still go on one of Keith's ground courses just to get rid of the last few jitters or indeed for a total re-cap but that would mean another flight down to Alton......and I'm not sure if my nerves have recovered yet  LOL!!!

Thank you all again!!   Alexa

Zsuzsanna you are abosolutely right!  A little every time - we don't have to reach the "summit of the mountain"every time....but I reckon I got pretty far up there!  Everyone keeps asking when I'm booking my next flight as if I'm completely "cured". I've come a long way but still have a way to go! 

I'll keep going though!!



Hi - just wondering if you girls attended Keith's course in Alton? I have read his book, (on 3rd read now!) watched his DVD, spoken with him twice on the phone & watched footage here numerous times but still don't feel ready to press 'book!'

I have booked leave from work for almost the whole of September & sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo want to go somewhere warm. Any inspiring words would be gratefully appreciated. Alexa & Zsusanna you have both climbed the mountain so much further than me and done so well. I want to climb half the distance atleast!









Hi Jacqui

No I haven't been on one of the course in Alton.  Hubby had it all set up and was about to presss "book" but I thought nope - can't fly down!  We even looked at going by train/car - all ways - except flying!  But guess what? that was the cheapest and most convenient way to go!!!! I threw myself into the book (way more than 3 times!!!!  LOL!  I'm almost word perfect), this website and the audio course my hubby had bought me!!  It certainly helped otherwise I wouldn't have even packed a case!!! 

Do you have support at home?  I've got to say both hubby and son are "fearless flyers" but have got behind me 100%.

The only inspiring words I have for you Jacqui are - don't press "book" until YOU are ready! For years I didn't want to go on a fear of flying course because if I overcame my fear - I would go on a flight........and that would leave me "wide open" to being killed in a plane crash!!! I said it every time someone said "well just go on a fear of flying course" (soooo easy for them).  Because of everyone here and the content Keith has provided - that wasn't an issue!  I wanted to go on holiday and got myself "armed" for it!!! In the end my desire to go some where warm overcame!!

I do still plan on going on a course with Keith has taken every ounce of energy and willpower I have to go on two flights.  I'm exhausted with the effort but thrilled I've done it!!! 


Thanks girls - I really appreciate your words of encouragement ! You're right I have to book when I'm ready. I'm putting so much pressure on myself though as I'm on leave from work for virtually the whole of September and soooo want to find the courage to press book! (sure I've said that a few times to a few people now! I'm boring myself!)

My thoughts are totally consumed presently with aeroplanes and holidays. I have been heading to Cramond coast frequently as I can watch the planes coming into land every 3-4 minutes and where I walk my dogs I can hear the roar of the engines as planes take off. I know flying is safe but after experiencing turbulence and 2 go arounds (which are 'normal') I now feel that I am jinxed and won't possibly have an 'incident' free flight!

In reply to your question Alexa, no, I don't get much support at home! my husband calls me 'a fruit cake.' ( not very supportive, eh?!) He can't understand my fear as he sky dives at the weekends! My youngest son is  my greatest ally however he is in Australia..... which causes me additional stress wondering what I'll do if he decides to stay there!

Currently there is a Jet2  al inclusive holiday to Majorca which I would love to book! I started today listening again to my hypnotherapy track in preparation....... maybe!

Thanks for your support I really do appreciate it!


What's all this "I'm jinxed stuff?"

Although turbulence and go arounds are normal they are nevertheless infrequent  that's why you interpret them as jinxable.

Define an incident free the smallest detail just to see what you're aiming for .




I feel 'jinxed' because past flights have not been 'incident' free! & those 'infrequent' events have happened to me! Friends travel to and from Murcia 4 times yearly and have never experienced turbulence.

An 'incident free flight,' would be one where I don't feel the plane will fall from the sky as it levels out after take off, there are no lumps, bumps or shakes,no creaky lockers, there are no thick bumpy clouds during descent and no banking coming into land. A smooth landing where I don't feel like the brakes aren't working would also help.

Oh & if the Captain was very charismatic, handsome & held my hand whilst explaining all those noises that would help, provided the second in command was in control, of course! Also, if I could board the plane without waiting to be herded aboard that would help!


Zsuzanna - perhaps I should leave hubby at home. I understand exactly what you mean that a certain behaviour is expecteD. Besides, he grabs the window seat and falls asleep usually after several pints in the departure lounge!

You talk so much sense - thank you! I'm still on line watching the videos & feeling, dare I say.... more confident! If I could board a palne in the morning in (feeling this good) I would. (with trepidation of course!)

I know my fears are irrational - I've flown maybe 10-15 times, never liked it but done it for the end result. I think life and events (as for many, I'm sure) has lead to this AWFUL anxiety! The irony is..... the destination & experience would reduce the anxiety!

You did/do so well to fly alone. Where was your last flight to?

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