Dear Captain K:

OK, so Ihave had a 20 year ridiculous fear of flying. I have been on flilghts that were horrific; I hemmoraged while pregnant and returning toUS from Hawaii. I was near thunderstorms with awful turbulence - some people crawled to terminal! Something happened about 2-3 months ago and the fear is basically gone. What I know happened (and I am a psychotherapist, btw) was that
(1.) I saw a video of my grand daughter saying, "I love you gramma kim!" and (2.) I finally realized that my fear of flying was subconsciously developed to provide an acceptable excuse a to why I wouldn't visit my mother. Do you (or anyone else) have insights about this experinece? Since then, another month or so has passed and I have listened to Harrold's cd and yours and replayed the website videos over and over....and I'm actully excited about flying...although, I do have a haunting sense that I don't like being enclosed. Advice? Anyway, I am thrille to feel the sense of freedom I feel, even before taking the flight. My first flight is to my son's wedding in St. Paul, MN June 19! I fly out of Reno Nevada and on June 21, I fly back! I think it is so cool. Not looking forward to turbulence. If flight is smooth, I'm cool. I hope to relish the turbulence with the mantra that it is not dangerous, however, that is greatest fear..eventhough I have no doubt that I can withstand it. I envision being so cocky that I've flown, that I can get through whatever.... Please comment.

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BTW, I have a flilght scheduled to visit my mother.

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