Hi all its been a while since i used this site - i was meant to fly a few months ago with work from London to Machester but the meeting was cancelled so i never had to go - the relief , now i have a flight to France tomorrow morning with easyjet - i was initially looking forward but as the flight gets nearer i have started to panic and i have been having axiety attacks yet again and im worrying i wont make it on the plane. 

I booked onto a fear of flying flight last Saturday with BA to try and prove to myself that i could get on the plan but i started to panic and got off the plane prior to take off, now i just seem to have confirmed my worst fears of not getting on. I just feel pretty stupid now as i have been on flights before and have even enjoyed a couple of flights.

I have got off  3 a plan times now and failed to even get on board twice. As soon as i get on i have a overwhelming instinct that i must get off the plane before it moves, and horrible thoughts of being up at 32,000 ft and worring about crashing.

Can anyone suggest anything to help, i just seem to be moving from outright fear to aniexty i cant clear my mind of thoughts of crashing and im so worried about losing control on the plane and asking to get off, i cant sleep and im constantly sweating (sorry for the detail)

I am booked onto the flying course in 2 weeks but i have to fly before,  .. arrrh i really hate being like this -

any help greatly recieved



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Hi Andy

The only way we can get through these niggly feelings is the way we choose to deal with them. I used to allow it to get out of control, and at one stage was seconds away from getting off a plane. Thankfully, my other half calmed me down and I stayed on the plane. And guess what? It was all fine.

You need to concentrate on all the positive things. The safety checks, the extensive training the pilots go through, not to mention the multi-million pound aircraft that's been checked, doubled checked and has all the back-up systems in the world. Feeling the way you do is not a weakness, but it is something you can change. I'm just like the hundreds on here - trying to cope with a fear that I know I CAN manage.

After years of worrying on flights, I've become a much more relaxed flyer. It's all about knowledge. All of those loud noises and sensations are meant to happen. It's how flying works. Try and forget about it tonight - and tomorrow take each step at a time. Step 1 - Go to the airport. Step 2 - Check in - Step 3 - Go through security - etc etc. Remember, you DON'T have to fly. But if you work on all the positive aspects of flying, it might help. And who knows, this time tomorrow you'll be enjoying a glass or 2 in France.

Have a good trip and try and enjoy it.

Au revoir

Best wishes


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