literally a flying trip just till thursday....nothing new so why post anything??

well i get to fly in the mighty A380....been excited by it since my first sight of it landing at manchester but not had the chance to fly in it yet......i'd love to visit the cockpit...i know i cant during flight but would it be foolish to ask before or after? or have i got no chance??

first time with Emirates too!

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Emirates are supposed to be great to fly with. I love to watch it come in to land most days. Live very near to the flight path.

Let us know how it goes.

Hey people....well today was amazing......the A380 is the greatest plane i've EVER been on!...AND i visited the cockpit....i cant recommend this enough....heres how it went!

i arrive at the airport and was checked in online but needed to check a bag i turn up and (heres the nice always) i told her i was excited about flying on 'the jumbo' and could she move me upstairs....she didnt but she put me at the very front of the plane first row (botttom deck)  and i dont need leg room.

so after a while on deck the passengers process started to slow i decided to take a chance....and asked (as the cockpit door was open...6 feet from me) if i could visit the cockpit.....she said she would need to ask and i made a point of saying if they were busy it was no problem...this swung it for me and the captain invited me in.....I LOVED THIS...we chatted about his career...planes he'd flown....emirates policy...the 380 being the pinicle now concord doesnt fly...his lack of 'steering wheel'...just amazing!

so it was amazing...i am not nervous anyway now but i felt so relaxed...the 7 hour flight had some bumpy weather...but it was ok....the staff..OMG....they could not do enough (in fact they do too much and people need to realise they are only there to help and serve give them the respect they deserve)

i notice in the flight magazine they fly from dubai to paris.....i've got to go there (paris) in 3 weeks weeks....i'm thinking it might be worth the 14 hours to go via dubai on the a380!

what do you think??

Hi Andy!

Wow lucky you. Envious!

Ok, so that is another added to my bucket list - A380



.... and make me really jealous! Years ago when I was giving a talk to a Qantas fear of flying meeting in Sydney I  met one of their training pilots who said I could have a fly their  A380 Simulator.

I turned it down because we were travelling on to Melbourne ... I regret it more sand more each day!

Yesterday my daughter was on it and sent me a message saying how fantastic it was!


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