Flight to Abu Dhabi was booked late January, just in time to benefit from B A sale prices.
We fly mid March and it is approaching FAST . It will be my longst flight to date outward 7 hours, home 8 hours and the latter flight departs at 02.35a.m so that will also be my first night flight too.
My brother in law is working on an oil related project with his firm so it seems a good opportunity to visit a country we would not normally consider visiting.
Currently more concerned with temperature out there, 93 degrees this week forcasted and how high so many of the modern sky scrapers are- including the appartment we will be staying in.I will not be able to avoid lifts (elevators)- so will be practising breathing and twanging my elastic band bead bracelet furiously.Lifts ,being enclosed scare me more than FLYING- but it is not the actual lift I fear but the fear of there being a power cut or a fault and being trapped inside.Still I have cracked cable cars, hovercrafts so hopefully will be able to apply my strategy for flying to succeed.
Regarding the flight it will be on a 777 so first time on a twin gangway plane- exciting to travel on a large 'plane, after a dash, A 319 and mainly 737s and also depart from terminal 5 Heathrow.
Have been sorting out suitable light weight clothes which have to be modest-no strappy low cut tops as it is a strict Muslim country and think this coming week end will be a shopping expedition- exciting.
So please send postive vibes for my next adventure.
best regards,

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We wish you well in that glorious sunshine. It's an interesting place to visit for sure!

Hi Elizabeth

Wel done for booking your flight.

Regarding the 7 hours...each of my flights to Australia were around that duration and honestly, it just dosent seem like that. By the time you are fed (proberbly a main meal and a snack depending on the time) and you get yourself sorted after take off and landing, read a mag etc. Our 777 had the 'ICE' entertainment systems on so there was movies, music etc. I found it can get a bit chilly so had comfy socks and cardigan in my hand luggage and they usually supply you with a little pillow and blanket, so all the comforts of home :) and for me.........give me the larger plane anytime, much smoother ride I found.

Have a fantastic holiday

Phoebe x
Well done Elizabeth - what an adventure!
I travelled to Atlanta with BA on a 777 and it was a really nice aircraft.

Will definately be thinking of you and you know you can count on your buddies here to sent you all the positive vibes you need.
June x
Hello Elizabeth!

Regarding the night flight... I remember when I used to fly without fear I always used to prefer night flights, they give you a better chance to fall sleep as you're tired after a long day and just naturally drift into sleep.

Then last January I took my first night flight since developing this ridiculous phobia of flying, and I thought it was actually less worrying than flying during the day. You ask yourself less questions as you can't see anything anyway, also people are calm and nobody is scared because everyone is sleeping, so it's very cool and quiet.

I'll be flying to Athens by night for Easter!

I have found Terminal 5 very glamourous when I went there, and so is your trip, so I hope you enjoy it all.


Only one thing wrong with your message..."ridiculous phobia of flying"...ridiculous if you weren't doing anything about it and thought that it might just go away.

Time to be kinder to yourself I think.

Hi everyone, It was lovely to log on today after working to find all those messages. Thank you.
well done Elizabeth for booking your flight.Hope you are ok, Bev
Well everyone, Thursday approaches fast- starting packing today, collected currency , charging camera, etc so currently all is well. Feelings vary from excitement to apprehension but the latter is mainly due with coping in the heat-92F is forecast and living in a tower block apartment in the midst of a huge bustling city, rather different from suburban Hampshire where I live.
Have lots of reading, puzzles, playing cards, to keep me busy and there look to be some reasonable films on the March preview offered on the flight.Am doing my relaxation C d every day and practising deep breathing etc.- Will log in on my return.
Our homeward flight leaves Abu Dhabi at 2.30 a.m another new experience so I hope I manage some sleep .
Bye for now, Elizabeth.
Well done Elizabeth...you've come so far and been a great support for so many other fearful flyers so now it's our time and turn to support you. You have my telephone number...please use it, we know each other well enough now so don't hesitate for a second to call me.

You'll be amazed at Dubai so so different from rural Hants but worth the visit. Expect to be harrassed and to haggle in the markets...it's the way they do it.

Keith and Viv
Hi Keith ,
Thanks for your kind words of support.
Hold bag packed, and cabin bag almost done. Husband has not started his packing at all yet !!!!!!!!Looking forward to checking in on line early tomorrow and selecting seats.
Thanks, Elizabeth.
Dubai or did I mean Abu Dabs...sorry

Good luck and wishing you all the positive vibes in the world xx

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