Thought I was doing well, I fly to Orlando on Saturday , I have already done 4 flights this year , but I haven't gone this far before. 
I have never done this without knocking out drugs , I'm not sure I can do it , I also checked the flight path , and we are going across the sea , with no land in sight! 
I'm sure I will keep it together for that amount of time ( 9 and a half hours)
Feeling very sick , and very tearful
Karen x
Ps , flew to Cyprus in may , and never cried , I really don't know what has changed
PPS sorry x                                                                                                               

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Hi Karen, a plane does not differentiate between flying over land or sea- it is designed to fly-

Flying LGW to Cuba was a 9 hour flight and once we were airborne there was a good selection of films to watch, food and drinks kept coming around and the time seemed to go much quicker than I ever imagined it would. I had a middle block seat . Normally I fly with my nose pressed to the window looking out at the scenery below  but flying the Atlantic I felt more comfortable with no window.I took far too many magazines and puzzle type books but at least always have plenty to occupy myself.Break up the journey into little sections and congratulate your self on each step achieved. If you flew to Cyprus that must have been over 4 hours so that is half way to Orlando.

Enjoy your holiday and post about your journey when you arrive back home, best wishes, Elizabeth.

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