Hi All, I have a fear of flying and have been on 2 courses already but alas fear still with me. My question is do any of you think that a fear of flying or phobia is something that has developed over time to mask a trauma that may have happened in my life? I have been informed that phobia's can often develop after long term stress and anxiety due to circumstances in your life at the time? This may be why I have had no success on a fear of flying course. What are your views and do any of you share my thoughts or can help me to overcome this phobia which is having such a detrimental effect on my life. I so want to see the world and share its wonderment and this fear is crushing all my dreams - please help anyone, anywhere. Please share your experiences in the hope that one day I can get the help I need from the appropriate source and beat this fear once and for all.

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Hi Tammy,
I don't know about fear of flying being linked to a past trauma. I know my fear stemmed from a bad flight and then an increasing feeling of irrationality. I would say that lots of people have got over the fear of flying and I think this forum will help you along the way - it helped me.

As I said in my story below, I will probably always be a little nervous on planes (i'm working on that!) but for the last few flights I haven't panicked. I really thought the whole thing through and decided that I had a choice - I could continue to make life really difficult for myself and my husband or I could get to grips with the situation and do something about it! I was so determined! Learning to breath through the anxiety really helped and also understanding how flight works and how pilots feel about flying made the whole thing seem safe. Bring an ipod with all your favourite, uplifting music and a book on the exciting destination you're heading to and before you know it - you're there!

I really hope you find some help on this forum and that you get to see all the places you long to visit - I'm sure you can do it!

For me, I think my fear is a control issue...
I've noticed that since I learned to drive I've become a terrible passenger...even when the people I trust most in life are driving.
I actually find myself insisting on driving to places, especially when friends are offering to drive.
If I could "drive" the plane, i'd be fine...but nobody else would probably want to travel with me!!!lol!
I've never had a bad flight, so it's not that i've suffered some trauma.
But everyone's fear is different and we all fear different aspects of flying.
Ash x
Hey Tammy - as far as I know fear can be triggered by trauma or prolongued periods of stress in your life. But understanding why you are scared doesn't matter so much for me - I just want to get over my fears. I'm not really into the Freudian way of going back to your childhood and trawling though unhappy memories etc. I just want to be able to get on a plane and not think that it's going to be the last thing I'll do.

Just remember that you have nothing to be ashamed of by being scared. I go to a therapist at my GP who has really helped. It's free so it might be worth asking your GP if they have a similar sevice.
Hi Tammy

Just picked up your posting. Don't know how I've missed it perhaps I was too busy when the network started...so sorry

We've got a course this saturday. It'll take about 90 minutes to drive from Oxford at the most. You get your money back if it does't work. This course doesn't waste time taking you on a flight!

We use a CBT style of explanation.

I'll explain more in answer to your message later on.

Hello and thank you for your e-mail. Unfortunately I can not make this Saturday but I would be really inerested in attending this course on the next available date. Can you advise when and where next course of this type will be held? Please add me to distribution list for any relevant courses as one way or another I need to beat this fear of flying before it beats me.

Many thanks
Hi again Tammy

The next course is on the 21st of March, and it's held in Alton Hants. GU34 4 BH

Thank you for your e-mail but unfortunately can not do that date either. Please give next set of dates covering next few months in the hope that one will be suitable and fairly close to where I live.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Keith
Further to my last e-mail, I thought I would let you have dates I am not available, so you can send me any alternative dates. Due to college course I am attending I can not make 18th April, 16th May, 20th June, 11th and 18th July. All other dates in between should be ok. We are looking at our possible holidays for this year and therefore it is really important to me that I can attend a course of this nature before hand.

I look forward to hearing back from you with hopefully a suitable date within the next couple of months.

Kind regards
Hi Tammy

What about in a couple of weeks? We've got a course on March 21st

Yes Keith I could make this course - can you send an application form and details of where?

My phobia is more linked to feeling out of control and claustrophobic - a fear of not being able to get off the plane in case I don't like it (its hard to really define but I don't think it is the flying itself but just the thoughts of anxiety it provokes in me prior to a flight, as once I calm down I am fine on the flight although it does not feel totally natural to me as I do not do often). Hopefully these sort of issues will be covered on the course. I have been on two previous fear of flying courses - one with your company and one with Virign and though slightly helped at the time as I had flights prior to, the fear is still with me.

Many thanks
Hi Tammy

here's the booking link for you any probs just call me 01420 588 628. Call me anyway if you want to know anything

Hi Keith, can you confirm that the course on May 9th is the same as the one on March 21st, if so I feel this course will be a more suitable date as we are planning our holiday for July and I feel this course will be nearer the time.

Presumably I can use the same link for this course for booking purposes.

Many thanks for your help in this matter.


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