Hi All, I have a fear of flying and have been on 2 courses already but alas fear still with me. My question is do any of you think that a fear of flying or phobia is something that has developed over time to mask a trauma that may have happened in my life? I have been informed that phobia's can often develop after long term stress and anxiety due to circumstances in your life at the time? This may be why I have had no success on a fear of flying course. What are your views and do any of you share my thoughts or can help me to overcome this phobia which is having such a detrimental effect on my life. I so want to see the world and share its wonderment and this fear is crushing all my dreams - please help anyone, anywhere. Please share your experiences in the hope that one day I can get the help I need from the appropriate source and beat this fear once and for all.

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Hi Tammy

The courses are the same although some of the subjects we discuss may be slightly different according to what people need.

It's hard for me to encourage people to do things without sounding as if I'm on a hard sell..I'll leave it to you to decide...but honestly the sooner you do the course the longer you'll have to benefit from it....and you can come along again free of charge just before you go flying. The benefit of being able to think positively about flying as soon as you can makes flying normal and not something that has to be avoided or not thought about.

I understand how it feels for you...the longer you can delay it the better...but this doesn't work does it? The quicker you face it the better. It's a really friendly day, nothing to frighten you and everything to make you feel at home. And if,if, if it doesn't work for you you get a refund.

You can book here

Hi Tammy here's the link to book

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