i went of Captains Keith course last year for the second time but i never flew until a few months ago - well i finally took my first flight to the channel isle in October i was really looking forward to the flight which was real progress for me. now i have been offered my dream job in France which means commuting each week between London and Paris and will involve me traveling to the US and Far east in the new year - so i thought i would test myself again with a short flight last weekend, well my anxiety kicked back in about a week before the flight like usual. I managed to make it to the airport through all the security and my anxiety got up to about 8 /10 - all through the flight with every little bump and turn or change in engine noise my anxiety went straight back up with thoughts of engine failure etc etc - which i know is stupid - i arrived exhausted at my destination and was really not looking forward to the flight home the next day - i had a couple of drinks that evening and my anxiety just started building all through the night and ruined my evening i was even thinking of ways i could get out of the return flight (train or car back home) i managed to get on the flight but again my anxiety was through the roof i only felt comfortable when i could see we were getting lower and coming into land - now im worried how im going to cope with my new job im determined to fly back and fourth every week between Paris and London which is only just over an hours flight, but now worrying how am i going to cope with a 10 hour to the US - i felt this weekend took so much out of me as i couldnt sleep for 3 days and was just living off adrenaline

Im fine on take off and coming into land  i understand all the noises and the sinking feeling after take off - i just start getting scared when up so high thinking im going to fall out of the sky or something going to go wrong with the plane  i tell myself its all fine planes dont fal out of the sky but its like a constant battle with my mind and fear and i get so worked up - wish i could relax and keep control of my thoughts and fears

i have made progress as before i wouldn't even get on the plane or would get off just before they closed the doors - im hope after commuting back and forth for a couple of weeks i will get better.

any advice greatly receieved

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Where's the evidence for planes falling out of the sky?

It's nothing that I'm familiar with and I've been flying for 50+ years. Only one of us can be right.

Why don't you stop beating yourself up and for a change say "I DID IT!"

Things will get better...they have done so far. BUT BUT BUT hoping is a complete waste of time and energy, direct all this energy into something useful like a strategy to deal with things that upset you in flight

Worry about the 10 hour flight later get on with the task in hand.


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