Thought iwould advise all about my progress or lack of! Went on the course approximately 9 months ago, 1st flight since wasnt best, nerve wise, think i built it up though as return from the course, since then though had a further and wasnt so bad, however again last night couldnt sleep as flew today, having said that there are positives, i wasnt nerves days before, just the night, once i got up and we was crusing i was relaxed, negatives why do i feel nerves still, i know its safe!!! Silly really, but hey i think im getting there got the return flight 2mrw, not overly happy with it but i knowp it be ok, keep at it things will work for all

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Well done Chris


There are no quick fixes...I admire your spirit...great stuff. You certainly will work things out with this sort of determination



Thanks Keith, the flight back i wasnt too bad , i kind of watch the clouds and if the planes a little wobbly on take off blame it on that, once above all seems to be ok and when any turbulance happens im much relaxed....most time! Next flight in a month or so, need to do a longer one soon i feel


Great stuff Chris...your efforts and application are paying off...keep going.



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