So on Saturday I'm taking a 40 minute flight; on Sunday, an 8.5 hr flight, and on Tuesday, a 2.5 hr flight.  Naturally I'm most worried about the long one - are long flights any more dangerous than short flights?  Because it seems like there's more time for something to "go wrong", if you know what I mean.  Is this irrational?

Am trying to keep positive and will take things to get myself distracted.  I guess I just need to stay rational, though that's very hard to do.  Anxiety sucks!!

Thanks for any help!


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I still can't believe I did it!!  I am even considering flying up to Rhode Island instead of taking the train! 

Why not?


Well, I did end up taking the train to RI instead of flying, but I did fly from DC back to Sao Paulo (9.5 hours), and then from Sao Paulo to Rio (40 minutes), and it was okay! I was a bit nervous on the long flight as the layout of the plane kind of freaked me out (I think it's actually because all those scary airplane movies were shot in model 777s, and so I had that picture in my head as being scary).  There was some turbulence, which made me a bit nervous but I did try to repeat the "not dangerous" mantra.  Overall, a success! Flying is still not my favorite activity but at least now I feel like I can do it, and by myself, too!

Thanks so much!

Well done proud of you as will be everyone on this site!!!


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