Hi Keith,
I went to check my emails this morning and saw a headline about a nosediving plane and shutdown the website straightaway. I have since not once checked the article and will not read the papers today. I am hoping that nobody mentions it. I know now that any such talk or reading about it will make me go 100 steps back. I dont think I will manage a flight this weekend to see my Granny so feel sad about that and sad I am letting her down but am working towards going to Madrid on the 27th which is also really important to me and my family. Hopefully I can keep positive until that time and try to remember all the facts I learned on the course on saturday. That helps me more than anything. Facts and the elastic band. Big thanks again to you and Viv for all your support!

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Hi Caro, I'm afraid of flying too...just came back from france (well we went to andorra but flew to and from france) and hated every minute as while i was there all the news on the only tv channel i could watch was about the amsterdam accident.
you did do the right thing but also this is a case that is always mentioned here of the press sensationalising things.
the flight had no passengers on board and was excersising test manouvers to the new buyers of a plane that was at the end of its lease and the pilots got it wrong....even though they got it wrong they successfully levelled out the plane and landed it safely.....it was doing things no flight would ever do with passengers on board but the headline made it seem that way.
i hate the press....keep not reading and go on your trip.

i hope this helps
Thanks Andy, you did so well for making it on your recent plane journeys too! See how sensible and helpful we sound for each other yet for ourselves (well certainly for me) I get myself in such a state. I sometimes wish I could fly with either next to a pilot or bizarrely enough someone like me who was so scared as I cant help thinking I would be desperate to help them feel ok as I know how unbearable the panic is...I can be rational for someone else - just not for myself!!
Thank you so much for clearing up the recent headline, I will continue to shut eyes and ears to the rubbish reports.
yeah i'm with ya caro, i wish i could sit up with the pilots never mind just next to one...i think mine is a control issue to be honest.....i usually have a few drinks to calm down but this time i had to drive back from the airport....my mrs was with me and offered to drive but get this....i'd rather take the flight sober than be a passenger in a car (nothing to do with my wifes driving...lol).
as you see from my avitar i ride a superbike, and thats one of the most dangerous things somebody can do but i'd do so without blinking an eye...because i'm in control.....trust is obviously something i lack...

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