Hi! I promise I was not watching TV shows or reading newspaper articles. I had my TV on and in the background I heard an ad for a documentary saying they will investigate the issue that apparently Ryanair is not carrying enough back up fuel in their aircrafts. I have also heard that the owner likes to cut corners and spend as little money as possible? I am going to take a flight (hopefully, God I am scared already!) in August with my friends to Poland and we can only fly there affordable by Ryanair. Are these just rumours or is it a concern? Please help before I book the tickets! Thank you!

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Ryanair have to abide by the same fuel requirements as any other airline.


i actually saw this program and i thought it was total journalistic rubbish.....look...i dont fly with Ryanair because i hate their seating policy...and i cant stand the way everybody rushes to get on ....but in that program they did nothing wrong....it was just caused by the weather.....and the mayday calls meant they had to get on the ground because they only had 30 minutes fuel left....of course they would not want it to get that low but it does show the system works...despite all the challenges faced there was no threat to anybodies safety at any point.

they have to follow the same rules on fuel which are to always have plenty...and although ryanair have a bad rep....its rep is about service not safety...they have never so much as scratched a passenger so dont worry

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