Hi Guys,

I am going on holiday and I am flying to Malaga from Glasgow Prestwick with Ryanair in May...

Any experiences of this airline?

I'm very nervous...

I get so nervous even when I see a plane going overhead....

I completely dislike turbulence and and when ur taking off and not even that high up yet and it sounds as if the engines stop....My heart is in my throat for the full flight :(

Last time my legs were shakin that much my partner had to put his hand on my knees to steady them....Dunno wot happened, I used to love flying!


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Hi Claire

I can totally relate to what you're writing... I have flown many times with Ryanair back in the time when like you, i used to love flying, and it's true that there is less leg space, not as much comfort and all this, but what you have to remember is that their planes are as safe as any other, they are submitted to all the same requirements as other airlines, their pilots are as good as any other etc. In other words you are not taking a chance by flying with ryanair, only bring a book with you as, as far as i remember, tehre was no entertainment system on board. Or better still, look out of the windows once you are above the clouds and enjoy the bright gloden light.

In April I am flying to Greece using a Greek budget airline, Aegean Airlines, which i used in January for the first time (i was so scared initially), and it ended up being one of the least unpleasant flights i've had since picking up this fear of flying.

Sometimes low-cost, no fuss airlines are actually more friendly and the people who take them also tend to be young and cool, so in all the atmosphere is very good.

And concentrate on the destination, and think about the air hostesses who do it everyday as a job - you will have a wonderful holiday.

Take care

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