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Its been awhile since I have been on and my next flight is Friday. Slight nerves kicking in though I keep reminding myself it's normal and safe so many thousands of flights leave daily. However I have one little bagging question, I'm flying easyjet from Rome to nice for the second leg of my holiday. I know they are a uk airline but are the safe I should say do they follow the same safety aviation rules when in Italy? 

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I am 100% sure they do, they have to otherwise the airlines wouldn't fly there..  look at all the destinations BA and Virgin for example fly to - the planes would have to be maintained and serviced and refueled at all the airports they go to all over the world. I understand your worry but Italy is a pretty advanced country too so i really wouldn't worry.  I live in Mauritius where engineering (not aviation engineering) can be shoddy in some cases and wouldn't always pass H&S regs back home.  But I don't believe this is the case at the airport where safety is no. 1 priority.  As with aviation in general.  Try to say to yourself i will enjoy my flight and every time you think of a scary thought, replace it with a good thought about flying, like really enjoying the experience and the view..?  Good luck,

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