Now, on top of my out of control fear, the weather at the destination is predicted to be "scattered T-storms". This sounds pretty bad to me after the two incidents last month, so I am thinking to change the flight.

What happens normally when there are scattered T-storms at the destination? Does traffic control automatically delay the flight? I am afraid they won't and they will push us in bad weather as they always seem to think that "almost anything goes" because the plane is built to withstand any force. I am getting shivers down my spine again.

I would appreciate any advise regarding the forecast.

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Are you trained in this area? I suspect not because of your subsequent questions so my suggestion is that you leave it to the people that know what's relevant and what isn't. The crew won't make an approach in weather that is not suitable

Why would professional pilots be 'pushed' into doing something daft. We don't do daft things and that's the sum total of it.

Why oh why are you looking at weather forecasts? What benefit has arisen and what would be the downside of not knowing? It surely couldn't be worse than what's happening to you right now. You have to decide whether or not you trust people like me?

Keith Godfrey Link


I do trust you and I think you have contributed a lot to my not going completely insane yet (though you might disagree about my state of mind as of this moment). I want to believe the assertion "The crew won't make an approach in weather that is not suitable" - like you wouldn't believe it; but my cynical side screams "then why did the Yemenia crew approach in strong winds - which were later blamed for the accident?"

Maybe you could throw in a few cents about this incident - something along the lines of "why it won't happen again"? ...
Hi Cristina,
Just thought that I could reassure you a bit. I always thought that planes attempted a landing whatever the weather, but I remember once, flying to Nice, that we were about to land but there were dark thunder clouds. We had a great pilot and he came on the speaker and this is what he said. "There is a bit of a storm going on over Nice, so we are going to circle once or twice while we wait for it to pass over" That completely reassured me and we did land smoothly and the sun came out just as we touched down. It was a great moment for me. I guess that not all pilots will tell you what is happening, but it is very helpful to know that if there is a very gusty storm they will avoid it....and after all, when you think about it, thunderstorms usually are scattered and will blow through very quickly. I hope this makes you feel a lot better. When is it you are flying? Good luck
Quite right

Captain Keith

This Airline is not allowed to operate into Europe...that says a great deal.
I don't recommend flying with any airline that is banned by Europe


Just wanted to say you are a great man for providing all this support!
I am flying in a month and my house is under the flight path of many planes leaving Pearson. Normally I don't notice them, but I have been spending a lot of time outside in this summer weather watching them fly by. It is really calming seeing all these planes glide by. I am beginning to feel good about the flight and can't wait to see my nieces who will turn 1 when I am there, have not seen them yet
Hi Phin
Is this Pearson Toronto? My son worked for Direct Energy for two years and we visited every 3 months or so. So I know the airport well...and the Gardiner (Gardner?) Freeway into town!

It took many visits for me to overcome my fear of heights and go up the CN Tower. We loved Toronto, the change of temperature winter/summer. We Drove to San St Marie (?) and took the train to Nagoya Canyon...the worlds best kept secret for autumn colour.

Remind me please where are you flying to?

Sorry Keith, I don't think that this is correct - they banned the aircraft itself but not the airline - it's not one of the companies that was blacklisted by the European Union:

So this airline was NOT banned by the EU.

Oh I stand corrected then. The CAA have a black list of Companies that are banned. I'll do some more research.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Whoops a bit late on the reply LOL.
Yes Keith I live under the flight path for planes taking off from Toronto Pearson.

I still have not been up the CN Tower not from fear just because I have not got to it yet, after 10 years! Must go up.

I am glad you enjoyed Toronto I love it here, and luckily this year is the mildest winter since I have been here so not too bad at all.

We flew to Dublin and Scnadinavia when I was posting. The flying was absouletly fine no nerves at all except for take off. The first minute or two makes me nervous other than that I have shaken the fear. I was even having a conversation with an Irish lady landing in Dublin last year and then light bump and we were down I had no idea we were so close to landing. So all in all I am fine.

As I said before I think ignoring or hiding from fear is the absolute worst way to deal with it. Have to tackle it head on.

This summer we have ten flights should be a good trip. Going to Dublin, South Africa and Madagascar!

Magic! I hope that everyone reads this message of inspiration from you. Well done I'm delighted for you, and what a summer to look forward to. Please keep in touch because new members like to see the success stories.

It's always interesting to hear from people such as yourself even though you may think " It's just a flight now...who'd be interested," but there is ALWAYS interest in graduates please stay in touch.

The view from the tower is must go up it. The easiest bit for me on the tower was jumping up and down like a kid on the glass floor...looking out wasn't so easy for me...strange but true. I was with my son at the week end and we were talking about Toronto he lived in Yorktown up by Bloor and ... we visited about 7 times in two years...loved it. Tough cycling out on the Islands though...all those hills!

Best wishes

Hi Cristina,

i flew to Singapore just before Christmas, with Quantas airlines. The captain spoke about an hour prior landing, he said: we have got a bit of the weather ahead, everybody remain seated and instructed the cabin crew prepare for landing now!" to be honest it didnt scare me at all, i was surprised how such big aircraft maneuvered around big "stacks" of black clouds! it was fantastic! not a single bump! Captain Keith is right 100 % these guys know what they are doing!

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