Hi! Y'all have helped me before and I am back again but this time flying with my 3 month old son. I'm so scared. Just need good thoughts sent my way! Thank you!

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Hi Ashley, good thoughts from us are not going to get you anywhere i'm afraid....what is it you are scared of.....is it worse because you are taking your son?? do you feel like you are putting him in danger?? heres a thing to think about.......the thought of this flight is going to be far worse than the actual flight. you know you can trust the people there to look after you...if it was dangerous they wouldnt do it each day for their work.

face upto it.....you know its safe....you're just telling yourself it isnt and getting yourself in a state.

give Keith a call and talk it through!!

Thank you! I know they are safe. I know it. It's just hard to get my mind to stop the panic. Thank you for the pep talk. Yes I'm afraid I'm
Putting my son in danger and I know that is not the truth. But it's so hard to quiet the mind. I might try to call Keith. He is the best. I've read his book. Thank you for your help!!

Hi Ashley,

Of course you're not putting your new son into danger ... just leading a normal life with him. One day he will choose  to fly, maybe with his own son ... will you discourage that? Of course you won't.

Your baby is precious, but the world hasn't become more dangerous since he was born.  What else is dangerous that you will protect him from. 

Your feelings are perfectly natural, be brave , who knows there may be bigger challenges ahead and then this will seem nothing.

+44 (0)1420 588 628


Hi Ashley,


I think Keith and Andy have hit the nail on the head really. I would add that flying and being in an aeroplane are not everyday things to most of us and so it is normal and healthy to feel uncomfortable and your goal shouldn't be to eliminate these feelings. When I flew with my young children recently I found focussing on their needs helpful. We read stories, talked about what was happening in an excited way and played eye-spy etc. Also enjoy the attention you'll get from having a baby on-board! And you're right, Keith is the No.1 man in our fear of flying world, so have a chat with him before you go.

Best wishes,


Hi Ashley,

I understand how you feel. Tomorrow I am flying  to USA, alone with my baby. The flight is 10 hours.

My brain is making  strange horror movies and I am so scared, but then I just say to myself: "I was scared the last time too and everything went just fine"... Flying with a baby has some good points. You will be busy with  feeding, changing diapers and before you know you will arrive at your destination. :)

You guys always get me through my flights. You help so much. :) Thank you for everything! Thank you to Captain Keith for this site and your book. It really has helped so much.
I flew my first time without Xanax and my son did great. He actually distracted me from being so afraid.

Thank you again for everything!
And Lily you will do great! Babies are a great distraction and keep you busy the whole time. :)

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