Hi Captain,

Recently I've found some strange rumors out there in the internet and it would be nice to hear what you think about that and is that true. It's not connected to the flight safety itself, but still I found it interesting topic:

1. Jet trails high in the sky left by planes is not hot air immediately cooled down, but instead it is some chemicals sprayed out by the planes. Is that true ? I always thought that this is just hot air being cooled down very fast. Something like clouds.

2. You receive big dose of x-ray when you're in 11 km height. This sound funny for me because 11 km is still under ozone layer, but still I've found some rumors saying that particular (very small) amount of flying hours can bring to you yearly dose of radiation. Is that true ?

You're the only one right person I know who can clarify things about aviation :)



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Hi Darius

1 It's hot air cooling

2 Not true


Hi Keith,

Sometimes I'm amazed how rumors can grow just without having any reason for it. Thanks for your solid word !



I saw something on TV once about a reporter who went undercover on a conspiracy theory convention and there was some crazy fool claiming vapour trials contained a chemical that made people want to buy McDonald's and McDonald's were paying airlines to do it! As I say, some crazy fool !

Darius, I really wouldn't be looking at all the scaremongering stuff on the internet. It really won't help you at all. Gain knowledge that is correct. Learn as much as you can about the flight

Hi Amanda,

Well Im not looking for special 'scary' stuff on the net. In that case I saw picture on some photographers site with that nice hot air trails and someone has referred to them as 'chemtrails'. Then Ive tried to find out more and came here to ask captain. Is it anything wrong with that ? Forum section is called 'as captain' so Im asking and he is really helpful. I always trust Keith, but in order to have what to trust you first need to ask. I do not know other way to get correct info.
Just wanted to add that ignoring information will not help as well. You cannot become successful flyer by ignoring information which can be scary to you. You should accept all and then gather some facts here. Thats my point

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