Hi Everyone, I'm back.
I flew to NZ on my own last year but I spose as my fear is of the fear (i.e. panic attacks and chlaustrophobia) I find it very hard to get over it.

I'm starting to get those jittery feelings back, as much as I try to surpress them and tell myself I've flown long distance before=I can do it again... I just need some support I suppose.



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We're here to support you....how can we help you? When is your next flight?

Well it isn't until July but I'm already feeling a bit nervous and finding it hard to get back into the frame of mind where I can do it.

Just positive messages I suppose and maybe stories from people who have succeeded from people. I think I have techniques to try and calm myself on board but I think talking to people with fears who have succeeded helps.

I too am flying in July (on my own, to NZ of all places). I've been trying to hard to calm myself down but as each day goes by I'm feeling more and more tense about it.

I'm a sufferer of panic attacks on flights so I know what you're fearing. You wouldn't fear getting a panic attack on the plane if you never had a panic attack in the first place. I know I can't offer any advice like Keith can, but sometimes it's just nice knowing that you're not the only one out there who's going through this.

Exactly and Heidi like you I flew on my own to NZ last July! I did it but like you say it's so hard to overcome the fear of the fear. Where are you going to and for how long?


But you did it...so why not again? I know it's really hard for you and I never underestimate what you go through but you did it...take confidence from your bravery and courage.

I have so much respect for you.

That's what I can't understand Keith as to why if I've done it, am I feeling jittery?
I suppose I used a lot of visual rehearsal to imagine myself relaxed on the plane but at the moment, for some reason when I try and think relaxed, something blocks it and makes me panic. I can't understand it.

Keep at it...practice makes perfect. You're feeling jittery because you're human...you're not going to be leaping for joy if you're anxious about flying are you.
Try something in between and lower your expectations of yourself. Allow yourself a little anxiety.

Wellington, for two weeks. Where exactly did you go? I can't believe you went in July on your own too! The last time I went was late last year, but I was with my bf (still completely flipped out but it was nice to have him there). This time I'll be meeting up with friends who are all coming from the States. They have a much longer flight ahead of them than me. I'm only traveling from the east coast of Australia, across the Tasman. Doesn't change the fact that take off's involved. Sarah, if you want to see my big gripe, go to the 'Taking Off' thread.
I'll read it shortly :)
I flew for 24 hours from the UK so anything is possible!!
I was there for 3 weeks and pretty much went all over. I'd love to go back :)

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