am taking my first flight from manchester to luxor with my partner this sept 20th, she is a seasoned traveller so has no fear of flying but not so with me, i am terrified, and i have read your book keith. my main problem is space, i am not a small chap and have heard that monach airlines have small seats and no space, even if you purchase extra leg room, does anyone have any real info on the space issue as its something i am really bothered about. Steve

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I am the opposite of you sizewise – I’m only 4ft 11in but I am the same about space. I feel too squashed and then I get warm and that’s panics me. I spend the whole flight taking cardigans on and off then asking for water because I’m overheating.

For me the aisle seats are better because I can lean my head out and see the space in front of me and it just feels airier.

In the nicest possible way – its nice to hear from a big strapping man who is nervous too. It makes me feel like its not just me being a girl and that its okay for us all to scared sometimes.

I’d suggest checking in as early as possible and telling check in that you’re not a great flyer and why and I’m sure they’ll try and find you the best seat possible.

Lots of luck!!

Hi Stephen,
My husband is much taller than me and in theatres we try to get an aisle seat for him so that he can stretch his legs out from time to time. Perhaps trying to get an aisle seat would help you.If you know which type of 'plane you are flying on seating configurations are shown on the web if you google it., typing in seating plans of e.g boeing 747 usually tells which are better seats..
I find sitting near the back of a plane and being able to see the expanse of the cabin in front of me helps to give me a feeling of extra space but that is my personal view.
Once you are cruising most people find they can settle down and relax and enjoy the flight. It is all the "what ifs" in the pre flight period which are usually more stressful than the flight itself.
Do keep reading Keith's book and read all the tips from other posters here.
All the best , Elizabeth.
Elizabeth has a good point - there is a website called 'seat guru' which shows each plane configuration and highlights best seats for space/quietness etc. I used it to select my seats for Chicago next week - I chose one with powerpoint to take laptop and aisle seat near toilets and over the wing for any bumpiness.

This is the link to my last flight but all the airlines are listed down the side.

Hope this helps!
HI Stephen

I'm a passenger services agent at Manchester airport and although the company I work for doesn't handle Monarch I have friends at the handing agent that will be checking your flight. I'm not in now until Friday but I will pop over to the desk and ask about what aircraft type you'll be flying on and what the config is and if your seats will be pre-assigned or if you will get a choice-you would then be able to choose a seat in an area of the plane that you feel comfortable with.

I used to be really bad with my flying fear but since coming here (think it was 4 year ago) and working with Keith I have progressed a great deal and now just find the take off uncomfortable, so I am ok most of the time, and I won't let the gremlins stop me from travelling.
Aslo dealing with my fears gave me the confidence to apply for my job in passenger services - a job that I had long thought I would love to do. Being at the airport 6 days a week and seeing the day to day activities has helped me a lot, and surprisingly a number of my colleages although not 'fearful', have expressed a dislike for eg take off/landing/turbulence. That makes me feel like I'm not unusual and that like Jo said, its Ok for us to feel a litle scared sometimes.

Keep reading the book, and checking the videos.

Will get back to you with some flight info for you on Friday.

best wishes
thank you June, that will be a big help and thank you to everyone else who have taken the trouble to reply, the gremlins are begining to get to me but i wont let them beat me as have always wanted to travel the world and flying is the only real way of satisfying my dream, egypt in sept, have already booked to go to spain early next year and who knows, america and further afield next with the help of all you good people
many thanks
june, forgot to tell you the flight time........monday..9am 21st sept manchester to luxor....Steve
Yay for the positive thinking Steve!!

Bear in mind what it says in the book - we're only scared because it never becomes 'normal' because we just don't do it enough. I guess its like someone who's passed their driving test a few years back but never driven since. If you gave them a set of car keys and told them to drive to London they'd be hysterical. But to you or I (hopes Steve drives for this metaphor!) then we wouldn't bat an eyelid.

A couple of years back in the space of 9 months I flew to Amsterdam, Boston, Cuba, Dublin and England (London) - sorry but I only remember them by A, B, C, D, E LOL! I wasn't half as bad as I am now doing a couple of flights per year. It gives us too much time in between to scare the bejesus out of us.

Having upcoming flights planned at least gives you the belief that you're going to do and will be just peachy.

Hi Steve

I asked my colleague who works for the ground handling agent for Monarch and at the moment it is too soon for them to have the information available to them. I will ask again for you a day or two before you fly and see if the flight information has come thru.

best wishes

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