Hi, I find it really hard to explain what it is exactly that scares me, perhaps all of the above. The thing that really annoys me is that i have travelled by air several times before in fact the first time i was not scared at all. My fear seems to have gotten worse tje more i do it. I dread each time my wife suggests going on holiday, even trying to convince her to stay in the u.k. But here i am 2 weeks away from our trip to Turkey tryong to comvince myself all will be okay..

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Hi Mike

Don't waste your time by being annoyed, though I understand that you do. What is it your fear? 

Just accept that you're scared. Now having done that, spend your time trying to fix it rather than agonising about the why's and wherefore's .

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I think I always have this small voice in the back of my mind "what if?". I try to avoid any films or t.v where things go wrong. Although everyone assures me that flying is the safest form of transport I can't help these imgesfrom film/t.v popping up in my mind. Then there is if anything do es wrong , 35000 ft is a long way up for it to happen.

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