Hi everyone!

Well I made it to and from Stockholm last weekend in one piece and my boyfriend gave me an 8.5 out of 10! The flight out was excellent, very nervous before we boarded but I relaxed very quickly after take off; it was probably the most relaxed flight I've ever had, don't ask me why because I don't know, it just happened! Amazingly, I even managed to get up and use the toilet for the first time in about 17 years; I didn't even really need to go, I just thought I felt like I could get up and walk around, so I did. Normally I'm rooted to the seat because I feel like if I stand up I'm going to fall out of the plane (weird I know), so that felt like a proper achievement and I'm really pleased I managed to do it.

But I partially undid my good work on the return flight - we unexpectedly had a Boeing 767 instead of a 737 (which I'm very used to), which was much larger inside, and it really threw me. I've never been on a plane with a middle row of seats inside, and it just looked so huge that I almost went to pieces. I just doubted that it would get off the ground and stay up, which is weird because I always thought I was more scared of small planes. Then I started worrying that the take-off would be much more noisy and powerful, and I got quite scared. But I gritted my teeth and stayed put, and though it took me a good hour to settle in, I was OK in the end - but remained rather tense throughout. The good news is, it hasn't put me off doing it again; at least when the time comes to go further and get on a larger plane, I'll know a little bit more what to expect!

Thanks to those who left me messages before I went, including Captain Keith - it was very much appreciated and I always think of my fellow forum members when I'm at the airport! The prospect of writing up my success story is a really strong motivation too, so thanks again and I hope to read about your successful flights too! Another tick in the box for us all! Lots of love :D

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Take a gold medal from the box...absolutely fantastic, what a great achievemnet and what an inspiration to the many people around the world who will read about it.
Hi Sue!

I can't tell you how happy I am for you and how proud of you I am! What you have accomplished is really great - you worked hard and put on a brave face and it paid off by being able to settle in once you got up in the air. I was sending you good thoughts as I went on my own flight last Friday. I know what you mean about being thrown by a different plane. A similar situation happened to me as I was expecting to fly in a 737 and wound up flying in a 757 - not much different width-wise, but quite a bit longer. For some reason it made me quite anxious. I hope you had a wonderful trip (your pic seems to suggest that you did:)). Take care!
hi sue, i haven't been on the forum for a while but have been thinking about booking another holiday and needed some encouragement again! it was great to read your post - well done on another successful flight, it sounds like you are getting a bit better each time, even if you have the odd wobble here and there... just goes to show what we can all get through with some good old teeth gritting! Hope you had a good time in Stockholm, hx
Thanks Helen - good to hear from you! I'm sure we'll give you all the encouragement you need to get you on that plane, I'll look out for your posts when I'm online. Where are you thinking of going? I think you mentioned before that you might like to go to Tromso; well, that's probably going to be our next destination, pencilled in for January - prime Northern Lights time...! It's a longer flight than I've done in ages, but like you say, with some gritted teeth I'm sure I'll manage it....... ;)

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