Just thought I'd let you know I flew successfully to Italy. I was sitting much further forward than I like to, because it was a very busy flight, and initially I felt worried because the cabin crew were clearly stressing out about something and I heard the words 'the return will be a nightmare' and of course thought 'Turbulence!'. But then I spent a lot of the flight actually observing them, and the way they were casually chatting to each other during the take-off and landing, and I thought, 'Actually, they're not worried about anything really serious at all, they're probably just having one of those rubbish work days that everyone has.' So then I relaxed, and by the end of the flight I was really appreciating them just behaving so normally. I thanked them quite effusively as I got off the plane, LOL, I think they thought I was a bit weird.
I have to get the return flight on the 10th, alone, so fingers crossed I have an equally good experience.

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Well done on your flight Leila...always good to hear another success story. Well done from us.

What about these suggestions?

...the return will be a nightmare...because

1 they've run out of sandwiches
2 they'll arrive home late
3 the car will be frosted up when they get to the car park
4 the passengers are usually demanding on that flight
5 they haven't got ant de-caff coffee
6 there's a delay on the return flight home

how's that for a few ideas...

I bet it was the delay, all the weather problems had just started.
Actually the one thing I am really worried about now is that my flight back tomorrow will be cancelled, today there was an easyjet flight Rome - Gatwick cancelled. I do hope I'm not stuck trying to get a room overnight in Rome...
Keith, I'm interested, how could they know the passengers will be demanding on a certain flight? Are there that many regular travellers that the stewards know their personalities?
Hi Leila

Yes. There are flights that are easy or difficult for the cabin crew...like any job, you get to know the patterns

The company should be aware of where there are rooms available.

Back again! No cancellation, thankfully, and a perfectly fine flight. It is amazing how much better I am than I used to be. I would say to anyone who's feeling anxious about flying, the more you do it, IF you have some positive reinforcement (like Keith's book, CDs), the more relaxed you are likely to feel about it, because it starts seeming normal.
This time the only time I was really biting my fingers (a horrible habit I have when stressed!) was on the take-off, and slightly on the landing because we were in a holding pattern. I couldn't see out because it was dark, which made me the more nervous, but I became very aware of the speed and motion of the aircraft as we were holding. But I kept thinking sensible things and looking at the stewards, and reminding myself that they were going on as usual, so things had to be normal.
Good on you Leila

I'm so pleased for you and the few remaining worries you have are perfectly normal things to have. As time passes and as you put into practice all the things you know that work for you so your confidence will grow.

Lots of people will be inspired by what you've achieved.
A special well done from me.

Thank you! :) I have another flight out to Italy on the 4th, I hope this one goes as well. But knowing I've done it already makes it feel as if i can do it again.

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