Hi Keith and everyone on the forum...

I've just managed my first long-haul flight in 18 years, London to Bangkok and two internal flights, a long way away from the sobbing wreck on the other end of the phone to Keith in February because I had to take a flight to Germany! I now have ten flights under my belt this year and each one has been easier than the last, which shows practice definitely does make perfect! After that many flights it does start to normalise it, I feel very lucky that I've had the opportunity to fly as much as I have done this year because it's the repetition that is helping me to overcome my fears.

I still get a little nervous, I still have bad feelings before I fly. I got quite anxious in some turbulence on the flight to Bangkok and I still experience mild anxiety on take-off and landing, but is it getting much less severe and my excitement about the opportunity to travel and see new places keeps me going. I think of all my friends who have amazing holidays every year and who always come back to tell me about it! I think about how privileged I am to be able to fly and travel, and it is my choice to do so. I had the most incredible holiday and I will be eternally grateful to Keith and this site for all the help and good advice.

I've been working on my fear for many years and I've had many ups and downs, including a couple of missed flights where I just couldn't face it - if you'd have asked me back in February if it was possible to overcome a fear of flying I would have probably said no, and now seven months later I am definitely on the way.

Good luck everyone, be brave and stay positive, you CAN do it!

Helen x

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Thanks Elizabeth, congratulations to you too, and a trip to India to look forward to next! I really want to go there too and it was very strange flying over the top of it to get to Thailand, which made the world seem so accessible again, it's really exciting. Good luck with your travels...

Elizabeth said:


Huge congratulations Helen on a magnificant achievement.Reading through your latest reply you seem to do all the things I do before and during a flight.Later this year I am flying to India and when I first met Keith I was very worried about a short  flight to France!. Having Captain  Keith's information and how normal flying is has made a great difference to how I perceive flying and has enabled me to visit countries which were  only in my dreams.Shortly I will start doing my relaxation C D and deep breathing exercises which for me are really helpful   in the days before and during the flight.Sometimes i imagine that keith is the captain flying me to faraway places too.

I hope your story motivates and inspires other readers of this site,

best wishes,


I remember Keith once said if we paid for his first class ticket he'd happily accompany us on all our flights!!!

amanda carroll said:

Elizabeth - I imagined Keith was sitting next to me!!

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