Hello all....

Last flight was Heathrow - Madrid, and asked to speak to the pilots when boarding the plane. There wasn't time for pilots to do this, and I got an apology.

About 30 mins into the flight, one of the captains (there were two captains on this flight) came to chat with me! He introduced himself as a training captain, and said he hoped that helped me to know that.... Yes it did!

He gave me 10 minutes of his time, and even offered to chat with me more once we arrived.

I thought this was customer service well beyound expectations, and can not thank him enough for making me feel much much better about the flight (as well as the fact that he was so calm and happy not to be in the cockpit :)  ). He described some aspects so well, a true professional, and clearly a very good and dedicated pilot and trainer.

Cabin crew were great as well (although I've always had pretty good cabin crew experiences on BA), asking me how I was doing during the flight.

Felt much better during and after, and after another quick chat with helpful pilots on the return leg, felt much much better there as well.

Now, in a few days I'm off on a long haul 11 hours to Mexico! How I will feel I'm not sure, but I know that, I will definitely feel better because of the previous flight, and brilliant personnel.

I hope a Boeing 747 is happy flying for so long.... I guess it will be happier than me....



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Good old British Airways...mention my name...they may be pleased or they may so "Oh Keith Godfrey  I remember him!" I was a training captain and we may have known each other.

It's a small world and pilots are always interested in the whereabouts of their ex-colleagues.

But fly BA whenever you can ...they pay my pension...and that helps to keep this site running!







Thanks for the reply. I will certainly name drop tomorrow if I get the chance.

I'm going to Mexico, with BA, and not sure yet how I'm going to feel about the flight. I don't think I'm going to enjoy it.... and I'd really like to. Don't mind being bored.... just prefer not to be bothered or panicked by it.

I certainly plan on asking if I can have a quick chat to pilots as I board.

I would be more proud of my achievements if it hadn't been so long since the flight before that one!

More proud?....don't worry about the past ..it's done and dusted 

Don't start with the idea that you're not going to like it  after all look at what you've just done!

Face the facts...you did it.  Use the same techniques that were successful last time. Maybe you could tell other nervous passengers about this site and our products...that'll keep you occupied. Have fun when you get there.



Proud doesn't really work for me. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so when I can happily fly any type of plane, anywhere (and perhaps am brave enough to have a 2nd flying lesson :)  ),  then I'll be proud!

Regarding techniques, that is done to websites like yours, and reading everything I could get my hands on.  So thanks for that. :)

What helped me most was learning exactly how a planes flies, what some of the sensations and noises are, hearing people like yourself saying again and again how turbulance is not a problem (and I doubt you can ever say it enough).

I'll more than happily tell other passengers about this site. I think its a great resource. The forum's a bonus.

"Turbulence may be uncomfortable but that's not the same as dangerous"


Captain Keith

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