Hello Captain Keith and everyone,

i just wanted to add on that email you sent us about the media report on that incident with the lightning! Imagine that it already travelled in Cyprus and it is everywhere even in a sports related website showing those images and trying to scare everyone!!! This needs to stop somehow!!

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Hi Nikoleta,

Just reading your item on media reports being flashed around the world and trying, as you say, to scare people. This is the sort of stuff the media thrives on and trying to stop it is like poor old King Canute (I think it was he anyway!!) trying to stop the tide from coming in. The place to stop this is in your own head. Think of it this way, if you didn't see a TV or newspaper report or a radio news programme in the past week - what difference would any of the news they reported in that time have on you life at this very moment?? I strongly suspect the answer would be: none. Best wishes. Frank Edwards.


There's nothing wrong with a picture it's the nonsense that desribes it that is so wrong. I take it you're talking about the picture of a plane on it's way into London Airport?


If that is the picture , look at it study it and conclude that it's perfectly safe because it was. Presumably you don't get upset when you see lighning hit the ground? Well you should do because that could be fatal if it hits you...in a plane you're safe. 


Stop alarming yourself...there are enough people around who'll do that fopr you anyway. Please ...feet back on earth and STOP worrying about lightning.





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