I hope no-one is offended by this post as I mean it in good spirit, but tomorrow I have to travel from Glasgow to Skye. This involves a five hour train, 40min boat and 30min bus. A similar return trip on Sunday. Now the problem is that, none of these things scare me. Not one bit. In fact I love boat journeys. The bouncing on the waves. Ever since I was about 4 and we ant on my first ferry trip. I have always loved it. Now the strange thing is that if I think about it, the movement of the boat on the water can be similar to that of a plane. But I never worry on the boat even when I sit inside and can't see where I am going. Funny that right? I guess at some point in my younger days I learned to love sailing. Or at least never learned to fear it. And I guess it must be learnt because surely nobody is born loving sailing. Just as nobody is born loving flying. Just at some point things happen that turn your learning one way or the other. 

Now being a psychologist I know that, though things may never truly be forgotten, (i.e. maybe there will always be that little bit of doubt,) we can definately learn to behave and believe in different ways given the right knowledge and a little bit of motivation. So I think basically what I am trying to say is that somewhere along the line, I guess we started inadvertently learning to fear flying. But the good news is that nothing stops us from learning a different perspective. I suppose if I really wanted I could learn to fear sailing, but I choose not to. I love the bumps too much. ;-)

All the best everyone with continuing to face our fear


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My first thoughts were, as Keith says, we can see water but not air and seeing is believing!!  The one thing that has helped me is Keith's comment that the aircraft is floaiting on a cushion of air!  My predominant thought was that we  "float" in the air by some miracle.  Listening to the audio course night after night has helped me realise travelling through air is the same as going over a bumpy road or bobbing over the sea - not smooth!!!!

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