I have to fly to Las Vegas in 2 weeks. My last time flying there this time of year was horrible and I'm dreading it. Im taking Xanax and hoping I won't be so scared. Any advice on how to calm yourself during turbulence?

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Hi Hannah, first of all, congratulations on booking your flight! As for dealing with turbulence, I would advise you to have a physical checklist of things to distract you with. Some things I put on my checklist are reminding myself that turbulence is uncomfortable but not dangerous, reminding yourself to practise diaphragmatic breathing (you need to practise this daily up till your flight, don't wait till the last minute), activities to distract yourself: reading, puzzles, if you're travelling with someone, maybe get them to give you a pop quiz ;) Have a wonderful trip and let me know how you get on after your flight! 

Hi Hannah,

Something I learnt from Cpt Keith really helped me during turbulence.

If you have a drink, hold it or put it on your table during turbulence. You might feel like you are being shaken but look at your drink and you will notice that the liquid is hardly moving, no more than a gentle ripple, which is exactly what the plane is doing. 

Good luck! 

Hi I second Jim's comment. Really helps. Try it in your car with an inch of water beforehand, the car will spill. The flight is barely noticeable.
What are your fears of?

Hi Hannah. 

I hope the flight went well. Do let us know how it went. 

For me, I listen to the turbulence section on the cd (it's on my mp3). That really helps. I just say to myself. It's not dangerous, just uncomfortable.

I also found it helpful that the captain, before landing, told us it might be a bit bumpy. It usually is in Vegas due to the mountains/heat

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