Hi one of my best mates is moving to Australia soon and she wants me to go over there once she has settled in a few months of her settling down.

The problem is I have never flown before and really scared about getting on one let alone for 24hours!

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Hi Nathan

Well there's a few months to get you organised and prepared to take the flights. How can we help you?

Hi Nathan,

As a person who was terrified of flying I actually flew all the way to New Zealand on my own last year at the grand age of 18!! Having not flown before is a nerve wracking prospect too but when I was on the plane it just felt like sitting in your living room being well looked after with plenty of entertainment.

I'm sure you'll do it. Maybe try a short flight somewhere first to see how you feel on a plane?

Sarah :)
Im hopin to fly to Manchester before but still not to keen on even doing that
Hi Nathan

We have information on the network about the Fear of Flying course that we run. We have one coming up very soon.

Information here
Video here
Inside the plane here
Book here for the 21st March

So, take me with yourself :-) It is my dream to visit Australia :-)
Hi Nathan

Wow, this is spooky, it's almost 2 years to the day since I posted this on the old forum.....

Hi everybody
This is the first time I have posted just getting the hang of forums but so glad I have found this one. I have a terrible dilemma. I have never flown in my life before and I’m getting on the wrong side of 50 !
My daughter recently told me that she is applying to emigrate to Australia very soon (months in fact) along with my son in law and 2 very young grandchildren. I am devastated at the prospect of never being able to see them again. Yes they have said they will come and visit whenever they can and I’m sure they will but the realities of settling in and a young family to raise, you see what I’m saying taking a 23 hours flight to see nana isn’t going to be a high priority.
The wrench of saying goodbye would be so much easier to bear if I could say I’ll be over to see you in a few months. I just don’t know where to start can anyone help/advise I would be so grateful......................

I am guessing you are a lot younger than me....lol so have youth and health on your side and guess what....i DID fly to Australia in October last year and if I can do it, anyone can.

You need to start by taking the pressure off yourself, you don't HAVE TO GO right? so no pressure, however you would LIKE TO GO so start with a strategy. First of all it is not 24 hours flying it's more likly to be 3 x 7/7.30 hour flights so break it down in small pieces.

Those large planes are unbelievable, you are constantly fed, depending on who you would fly with drinks are also included, they have entertainment systems so you can watch movies, listen to music, sleep.......I can honestly say that I was terrified (I posted my story on here when I got back) but the time goes by so quickly I couldnt believe I had been in the air that long.

I hadnt managed to sleep on the flights so was shattered by the time I got there.....BUT Australia is an awesome country, beautiful, big, clean and the natives are really friendly..lol. You will love it.

Ask us anything yo want to ask, if I can help you to get on those planes I will......

Phoebe x

PS. I've booked to go back on 9th December this year to spend christmas with my family, I'm anxious about it, but I know I have done it before so I can do it again.......0000 I wish I was going back in May....lol
Hi Nathan,
If you have never flown I would encourage you to try and attend one of Keith's seminars. They are held in the cabin of a "retired" BAC111 jet so it gets you being used to an aircraft environment without leaving the ground. However, you can view videos and hear all the noises associated with take off, landing, levelling off etc and it would be a great way to experience a "flight". Keith and his team will endeavour to answer any questions you ask, however, trivial or important they may seem to you. You can sit in the pilot's seat and twiddle knobs etc.
I am sure once armed with facts and Information many of your fears will be alleviated and you could then work on some strategies to help you fly "down under"
The fear of the fear of flying and the anticipation leading up to a flight is usually found to be worse than the actual flight itself by most people.- so good luck with your quest to manage your fear and take to the skies.
hey nathan, i think that never have flown before could be an advantage to you because you never know you might find it very exciting and a great new experience. i used to love flying and i have flown with lots of friends when it was their first flight and all i thought was ' i wish i could feel like them right now' because they were loving the experience and were not scared at all. The only reason i am scared of flying now is because 7 years ago i flew on this very very small old rattly cheap plane and it was a very crazy wild flight. but before that i loved it. and i wish so bad i could go back to that again. so please dont get it into your head that flying is scary before you take your first flight. because its not really. and as for flying to australia, im from australia and i have just recently moved to norway for a while. so i had to fly a total of 23 hours, and to be honest it isnt that bad at all. because you fly on really big planes, and they are so safe and comfortable and smooth and you usually forget your in the air because you have to much to keep your mind occupied. i have found that its usually the boeing 737's and those small planes that scare me the most and i was dreading this long trip, but being on a 747, it was amazing, i wasnt scared at all. i was very surprised. so maybe being on a big plane for your first flight would be a good thing. and if you book singapore airlines you might get to fly there on the new a380, which is what i hope to fly home on. the bigger the plane, the more i forget im in the air. so good luck but im sure you will be fine :)
p.s australia is a fantastic place to visit!! i love it so much there! i miss home alot!

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