Want to come up with some cheerful, happy songs to play while on a flight

I've been thinking about this for awhile and wondering what kind of songs to download onto my ipod for my flight....came up with Dont worry, be happy aswell as afew others :) Anyone know any cheerful, happy and uplifting songs? Or ones you have played while on a flight thats helped you relax/smile?


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Well, iv gotta say that Take That songs cheer me up no end :) he he but then i'm biased!!

I've just got back from barcelona this evening. I had my mp3 on while I was allowed. Like listening to a radio station? I downloaded Chris Moyle podcasts, that was good. I'll tell you another helpful thing, my Nintendo DS!!.
Hi Rachael,

I love country music so anything Country to tap my feet to helps me but another one I love and I think is apt is a song my sons always puts on his skydiving videos (yes silly boy jumps out of planes for fun !!) it's UB40....it's a beautiful day......don't let it get away, always very uplifting I find (pardon the pun :)

Phoebe x
Rocky Mountain High John Denver
Far Far Away Slade
Air on a G string Bach
Queen of Sheeba
Moonlight Sonata Beethoven
Brown eyed Girl Van Morrison
Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan

Come Fly with Me Keith Godfrey not that awful Frank Sinatra version.
Anything by Bob Marley helps greatly i find!
some really good songs there :) I'm liking Nina Simone '' Here comes the sun'' i can imagine listening to it on take off but since i cant ill sing it in my mind lol also liking some bob dylan ''Dont think twice, its alright'' im basically wanting to choose songs that will make me say, i can do this! at the moment im thinking of Lenny Kravitz ''Fly away'' because i honestly cant wait to touch down in Tennessee.......3 more weeks!!!! still totally terrified but i'm going to do this
I have a playlist of uplifting pop tunes on my ipod for flying, they may sound cheesy but they all mean something to me, or just make me smile

Michael Buble - Come fly with me
Take That - Greatest Day & Never Forget
The Ramones - Baby I love you
Erasure - A little respect
Pet Shop Boys - Go West

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