What's going on there?! I'm waiting for my flight in Kiev and my Facebook and twitter are full of people talking about some huge storm. Checked news sites and they're all sounding similarly hysterical. Is my flight even going to be able to land? Quite worried and if anyone can reassure me in the next half hour, I'd be really grateful.

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Oh, you know what, I'm never reading the news again, OR listening to my friends when they talk about weather. The flight was perfect. Really clear on take off and we flew over the city and I spotted the building I work in. The middle bit got a bit bumpy but then once we were over England it was perfectly calm and the landing was smooth as anything. So now I feel a bit stupid. I was just a bit panicked. Sorry.

We did fly a bit of a different route today, though. Normally we go over Warsaw, then Berlin, then Amsterdam and then London. Today we went further south over Prague and, I think, over a bit of Belgium. Could that have been to avoid the weather?

But now I'm home and it doesn't matter. Happy holidays everyone x

Hi Sarah 

Glad that the flight was perfect and that you're back safe and sound. I know what you mean about the weather. I've not made any plans to fly anywhere but I still get a bit tense every time I hear about the weather. 

Regarding the weather, I think we've talked briefly about this before :D We've just got to remember that professionals do this everyday, in good or bad weather. Also, the weather doesn't affect the plane, it continues to do its job well. 

By the way, I'm in Belfast now, flew over in August. I have not ventured out to explore Europe yet. Silly me, because I'm not familiar with the airlines, I'm hesitant to book a flight. I'm concerned about the weather too, not so much about the actual flight, but how it will affect the trip, like delays, cancellations, security procedures. 

Anyway, wishing you and your family happy holidays! Stay warm!

Best wishes, Yi Lyn

Yeah, if anyone could make the weather in England stop for a bit tomorrow, that would be great. I've just popped in to look at this thread to remind myself how little it helps to fret about the weather.

Still, I'm now returning to the UK permanently so won't be flying anywhere near as often in the future.

Hey Sarah

I'm supposed to fly over to London for next weekend but looking at the strong winds outside my window, I am petrified. I am now trying to cancel my trip, even though it would mean forgoing everything I have paid so far (air tickets and hotel room). What should I do? It seems so silly, I live near an airport and I see planes taking off all the time, regardless of the weather. This somehow does not seem to make me feel better. Any advice for me based on your own experience? 

Hope you're keeping well. 

Best, Yilyn

Hi Yilyn

I'm good thanks. It's 1.30am and I'm not packed, but I've had the most amazing last night in Kiev ever and am feeling quite sad to leave.

Yeah, it's easy to get put off by the weather. It certainly makes me nervous too. The thought I try to cling to is 'limits.' There are limits set for the wind speed a plane can land in. If the wind is above those limits, they won't land. If it's below, it's all good. And those limits are probably set with a bit of redundancy built in 'just in case.' So there won't be a situation where the plane's approaching and the pilot is going, 'meh, it's a bit windy but I can probably do it.'

I'm fairly sure I'm not making that up and it's in Keith's book somewhere.

And at Christmas I was so panicked when I read about the weather, and it turned out to be nothing. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.


Hi Sarah

Hope you had a good flight and welcome back to the UK! Thanks for reminding me about wind speed and planes. It made me feel better :)

It seems a bit silly to compare one flight with another. My husband has flown over the UK numerous times and he said he has never encountered turbulence, but I have only flown over once and am convinced my flight was bumpy. Goes to show that what I thought was turbulence, was probably not turbulence and just some movements that come about in flight. Despite realising this, I still can't help but worry :( 


Hi Yilyn

The flight was fine. But you're right that it's not much good comparing two flights in terms of weather. However, when the pilot said we were starting out descent, he also said it was quite windy over London. I expected that to mean it would be bumpy but it wasn't. Then again, after we landed, he said it had been a windy landing - I'm not sure what that means but I was surprised because the landing had seemed normal.

Anyway, I took some pictures if you want to have a look, they're in the photo section here.

When's your flight? Hope it goes well.


Hi Sarah 

Beautiful pictures, looks like lovely weather :) I'm supposed to fly into London this Saturday and back to Belfast on Sunday. The gales we experienced last week has made me really anxious, and I have half a mind not to go ahead with my flight :( It doesn't help that the news keeps reporting how bad weather has disrupted travel all over Britain. I know I shouldn't watch, but I keep waiting for news to say that this bad spell is finally over. I'll let you know how I get on later in the week. 

Thanks for the photos! :)


I think most of the travel disruption is trains not running because of floods. I don't live near near to London but it hasn't been really windy here for the last couple of days. See how the weather turns out later in the week. Or failing that, have a look at one of those airline trackers and watch the planes landing and taking off as usual.

All the best


I did it Sarah! Flew over on Saturday and just got back tonight. The weather was lovely on the flight over so I was able to enjoy it. However, the flight back tonight was delayed by half an hour but we still managed to make it back to Belfast in time. I'm not sure if it's related but the takeoff and slightly bumpy and uncomfortable and I felt so scared at one point; I was counting multiples of 3 backwards from 100. That seemed to help till my anxiety passed. Next flight in in end-April to Paris. I hope I won't start worrying now. 

Best wishes, Yi Lyn

Brilliant. Keith

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