I dont have any holidays this year so to keep myself familiar with flying I am flying an hour next week to visit parents.  Silly but I am nervous again despite my yearly short and long hauls.

I think it's because it might be on a small propellar Flybe rather than jet.  I know these smaller planes are still jet powered but they seem noisy, fly lower and more affected by turbulence (in my head).

Any facts to help me recognise they are the same? thanks 

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Hi Carley

I fly with Flybe about 10 times a year over to the Channel Islands. The propellers make the engines noisier than pure jets.

Lots of people  think that they are affected more by turbulence than the bigger planes but I have to say that I'm not convinced by that theory.

I think there's something on my website  at help.flyingwithoutfear.com about turbo prop planes.

You seem to be suffering from anticipatory anxiety ... but that'll disappear as soon as you get flying again.

If there's anything in particular about Flybe's planes that I can help with, just let me know.



thank you Keith.  I will have a look at that section.  It is a combination of not knowing which aircraft i am on and what the weather will be but that's the control freak in me and thinking back to flights I disliked.  I actually loved my last flight last year with easyjet and could have stayed on all day. 

Hi Carly,

I think prop planes seem noisier because the engines and props are higher up ,A Boeing 737s engines are underneath the wing so are not so noticeable . I have just flown with Nok air in Thailand and the plane was the same make as a Flybe . I live quite near Southampton airport and prop  planes fly over near my house every day.

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