I fly to Spain on sunday coming.  So far so good, my nerves are considerably less than they have been and I believe it was down to my trip last xmas to LA, 12hrs there and 9hrs back with 4hrs of tears (bumpy with the news full of disasters) has made me realise it was actually ok....  I made it fine, the crew were great and the food nice.

I still hate the sensation and I know on the plane i'l really need Keith's CD but I shall let you know, fingers x

So much better than the many years of fainting and crying and I believe it is down to getting the facts and recognising media hype.

thank you Keith and the forum crew

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Thank YOU  Carly  .... you face the fear ... all I have to do is type things out!


ps  Do you think it'll still be safe if you uncross your fingers? (answer ... yes it will)

Good point! So far so good, there's an inkling if anxiety but only when I sit and think of the sensation I dislike. Il let you all know how I get on
Ok I was fine coming home as it was cloud &windless, but going..... We flew in head winds, very bumpy due to systems over Spain and cloudy most of the way and I had a full on panic. Luckily it was only an hour but can anyone help?
What coping strategies can be used? How long can turbulence last? Why is the cloud at cruising height so scary to me?

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