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In three days I am due to fly to Taiwan again (this time via Paris). I have a considerable amount of stress at work and it would be nice if looking forward to the upcoming vacation could make it a bit easier. But ironically, I even additionally feel stressed out about the flight...  that is upsetting!

Last year was a successful flying year: I took several flights after I refused to board a flight on two occasions. The nagging anticipatory anxiety is back, although later than usual - maybe I should reframe this as a success.

And: The comments on the B777 by Keith were really helpful. Thank you!

A lesson I can learn from this is: I should generally reduce the stress level in my life; not an easy task with a family with two kids, a job, and attending a postgraduate program at the university ...


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Thanks Patrik. I like your SUD rating idea. I might start using it. Very soon in fact as it looks like myself, partner and 2 children will be going to Barcelona next Saturday. My anticipatory anxiety fluctuates but can get quite high and then I start to think if it gets like this or higher at time of boarding then I'll be a right mess, and I don't want to be a mess in front of my children who haven't flown before. Anyway, I'm practising relaxation, connecting with rational thinking etc and trying to focus on the real reasons I've put myself in this position - namely to walk down La Ramblas, ice-cream in hands, showing my little boy and girl how beautiful different parts of the world are. It's kind of ruining my Easter holiday now, but I suppose I should be glad to have 2 weeks off at Easter in the first place :-)
Thanks For your encouragement Patrik, it means a lot! I will check out the resources you mentioned and I'm adding the SUD strategy to my preparations! My 6 year old daughter and 5 year old boy will need some reassurance I feel, as this will be their first time flying and I want to be involved in that (some of the time at least!) and it's kind of one of my strategies to focus outwardly on the needs of others and not just self-checking the panic radar the whole time!

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