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At 9:32pm on December 8, 2008, Phoebe Jane Wilson said…
It does take some organising but well worth it, I've never seen such a beautiful clean open country I can understand why they went.

It was hard leaving again but when I see what a great quality of life they have there I wouldnt want them to come back. Xmas is hard without the little ones but I've got the web cam so we keep in touch all the time. That will just have to do until I get back to the sun lol

Hope your feeling better soon too :)

Phoebe x
At 8:31pm on December 8, 2008, Phoebe Jane Wilson said…
Me neither, but I did, I have to keep looking at the photos to remind myself I actually did it. When my daughter told me she was emigrating I went through a form of mourning because I had never ever flown because I was terrified even thinking about it so as far as I was concerned I would never see them again, well not for a few years when they could afford to travel.

I'm hoping to go back at some point next year, its the only way I can see the family because they cant afford to come here with the 2 litle ones. Havnt got my head round actually booking the flights yet tho'...!!!

We went with Emerites and I have to say they were really good, we had had reports about them from other people thats why we decided to use them. I took the issues up with them when we came back about the last flight and they responded well.

One of my worst fears was that I couldnt do this journey (health probs) and that if I was really tired I would be more anxious but again it didnt happen. I was so exhausted by the time I got back on the plane at Singapore I didnt bother telling anybody I was nervous so although proberbly not recommended, it worked for me lol....

Phoebe x
At 7:44pm on December 8, 2008, Phoebe Jane Wilson said…

It's funny but I said that to Emma about 'what if it's early' as she said 'so what it's your holiday not their's' so I kind of gave myself permission to have a drink no matter what time of day it is.........thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it....:)

Did you read my post? I have put t on this site as well on the 'My Story' page. I believe in saying exactly how things were for me, its worth reading if you havnt already just to get some perspective of how I was on the day.

I like to be organized too it comes in very handy when your in a bit of a state.

One positive thing that is coming through is that you are not considering cancelling the flights, I was on the verge of it a few time before I went on my first plane, and other people actually have cancelled so give yourself a pat on the back for being positive about that. We always tend to beat ourselves up when we cant do something or feel bad about being scared but we never consider congratulating ourselves so make sure you cangratulate yourself even if its just for getting through another day.

I know how you feel hoestly I do but stay strong, it is just our 'safety mechanism' telling us we would be safer at home which statistically just isnt true...!! Remember all of the thousands of flights of flights that are happily going about their business every day, day in day out.

A funny (but true) thought came into my head today.....when we see on the news that there has been a 'pile up' on the A19 killing x amount of people or 4 car collision on the M6 killing a whole family, we say isnt that terrible (because obviously it is) but we never think it is going to happen to us, yet if there is a 'plane incident' like a bird strike or aborted take off we automatically think 'o my god that will happen to me' !!!!

Phoebe x
At 5:10pm on December 8, 2008, Phoebe Jane Wilson said…

000 I envy you....

Am I right in thinking you are the Helen from the old forum, you replied to my flight post? If you are you will know if I could get on those planes in the state I was in AND continue through to Australia then believe me ANYBODY can.

I found Kalms & Rescue Remedy helped me to settle a bit leading up to the flight, I took them while I was in Oz too to keep me topped up for the journey home.

Dont beat yourself up if you need to have a drink then have one, you dont have to fly with perfection, that can come later lol....

The best advice my daughter gave me before I did my first ever flight to Jersey was, get to the airport, check in, go through security straight away then thats the stressful part over with. Find the nearest bar and have a drink (or 2) to celebrate the start of your holiday, because this is where it begins, not when you get there. Try and get that into your mind and it wont seem as though you are waiting to 'go to your doom' before you get on the plane lol.

I'll be thinking of you, I'm here most days, bit laid up with flu at the mo but can still work my laptop :)

Phoebe x
At 3:52pm on December 8, 2008, Phoebe Jane Wilson said…

Havnt got anything planned just yet...!

I never in a million years thought I could get to Astralia either but I did. The worst part was not being able to sleep on the plane (other people were) so with the sleepless nights before I went as well I had been awake for about 60 hours. I also thought if I got to Dubai I might not be able to get on the next plane but the thought didnt enter my head, really everything I had been terrified about just didnt happen. We as anxious flyers suffer from what we call 'anticipatary anxiety' so we get ourselves into a state for nothing !!!

I have to say (in my vast experience lol) that I liked the larger planes, I felt they were not safer but smoother proberbly due to their size, maybe more stable I really dont know, all I do know is I travelled approx 21,000 miles and we only had 1 bad bout of turbulance (which was very scarey for me, hubby slept through it) for about 5 mins.

I really believe the key is to only think of the 'next thing' ie get to the airport, then check in etc etc rather than thinking of getting on a plane, also staying as positive as you can and determination NOT to let this fear run our lives. The most positive thing I did initially after joining the site which was encouraged by Keith was to 'accept' that I had this fear, to be open about it and not be ashamed. That really helped me to move forward and 19 months later I was in Australia with my daughter and grandaughters, so it was worth every sleepless night and stressful day.

Keep knawing away at it, accept the fear but dont let it rule you, you are in charge. When is your next flight?

Phoebe x
At 11:20am on December 8, 2008, Phoebe Jane Wilson said…
!!! that should have read 6 of those flights !!!
At 11:19am on December 8, 2008, Phoebe Jane Wilson said…
Hi Helen

^ of those flights were to Australia, 3 there and 3 back.

I wouldnt say I like flying now !!! But I dont think I will be as petrified when I do another one because I know what a long haul involves now and it wasnt as scarey as I though it was going to be actually being in the air for so long.

Phoebe x
At 1:07pm on December 6, 2008, June said…
Hi Helen from Cheshire, I'm in Cheshire too!
At 10:29pm on December 5, 2008, Phoebe Jane Wilson said…
Hi Helen

Nice to 'see' you. Looks

It's nice to put a face to the name :)

Phoebe x
At 4:38pm on December 4, 2008, Phoebe Jane Wilson said…
Ah....so that's why mine looks so bad lol.........

Phoebe x


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