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Big Trip is coming up - getting nervous

Hi Everyone,

My job is sending me to Amsterdam for training and I will extend another week in Germany to see my family and friends. I am really excited to see everybody, but this is my first long distance flight by myself (8 hours). I did a couple short distance flights by myself within the US - I can manage them, but my anxiety is always with me. But I am able to tell myself "It's only for a couple hours and then you're out here". I've been on many long distance flights with my…


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flights coming up

Hi there, i've got a bunch of flights coming up... a small atr air mauritius or air austral from mauritius to a neighbouring island , then later on four flights on Emirates via Dubai (each one 6 - 7 hours ish)... can feel the anxiety starting to build... can anyone assure me it's not possible to be trapped in a plane under water please - this is a big fear of mine, especially trying to get off with small kids in tow...  i think claustrophobia is the main thing with me, as we flew 13 months…


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Hi Everyone,   I'm Stephanie, a 30 year old teacher,  and I have been dealing with a fear of flying for 18 years.  I developed this fear at the age of 12 after having flown over fifty times:  I used …

Hi Everyone,


I'm Stephanie, a 30 year old teacher,  and I have been dealing with a fear of flying for 18 years. 

I developed this fear at the age of 12 after having flown over fifty times:  I used to fly from LA to SF to visit my dad twice a month.  After my father moved out of state flying began to terrify me.  Many therapists have told me that this was a displaced fear....The flight from LA to Minnesota represented my father's increased physical distance from my life…


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Preparing for my flight - any tips would be great!

So next week is the big family holiday that we have all been looking forward to for months. I'm being conscious this time to address my fear and plan for the flight before I get there to help alleviate the symptoms and ultimately get on the flight. It still feels like very early days to me....

  I would really appreciate any tips, ideas or thoughts on how to get through the first part of the flight, including anything people do to help them before they board the plane and during take…


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Facing my fear - what happened after the course!


 This year I decided to face my fear of flying, mainly because we have a major family holiday planned and I've avoided flying for three years, my fear had got to the point that driving past the airport on the way to work got me shaky! I attended the ground course last Wednesday, and met Captain Keith. My fear was such that even talking about planes and flying was uncomfortable, so for me even attending the course was an acheivement!


 I was happy to be the only person…


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my fear of flying!

I've actually has never been on a plane ever in my life I'm 25 and is starting to feel, that I need to go and find out what the experience is like, I never liked lifts because I was afraid of getting stuck in one, but one day I did it, u get that weird feeling in your stomach and when it stopped, feel all dizzy that's the bit I hate, but I eventually starting using a lift, now they don't bother me, so now I need to conquer my fear of flying, I'm slowly using stepping stones well I suppose I can… Continue

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Web Site

Don't forget to get all the information you need from the main site at

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New Job



Ive been offered a fantastic oppertunity with a new position in a new company but it will involve alot of flying which i hate to say the least, i am scared stiff of flying and as a result have stopped going abroad for my holidays. I have approximately 4 weeks before i start so id like to do all i can to make things easier,whens the next course, should i get medical help?

Please help


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Hi Everyone,


I joined the forum as Im looking for support to overcome my irrational fear of flying but I really dont know where to start anymore. One of the main reasons I took the job im in today was because i got to travel, now its my worst nightmare.  I cant get through it without diazepam, alcohol, both or a panic attack.  Its a real change to where I was and is stopping me seeing the rest of the world.  My problems started 9 years ago and have really grown since then, I…


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New to all this and Eager to be fine with Flying!!!

Hi everyone,

My name is Beck and I am 21 years old and live NSW Australia.  I am really happy to have found this website and have already found lots of helpful info and stories/experiences of other people.  It is easy to forget that you probably aren't the only one on the plane who is worried.


I have only flown 2 return trips in my life.  Once from Sydney to Brisbane (about an hour and a half) and I was only very young then, I barely remember a thing. 



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Flying End of August Already Getting Stressed

I am getting  stressed already as I am flying out to Lanzarote on end of August. I am booked to fly home on Sep 11th. I have heard that a 10 year anniversary attack was/is planed. I know I am being silly and I know airports are on high security.   Is the security as strict abroad as it is here? I am always terrified of flying but this had made it worse this year.  I knew when i booked the holiday I was to return sep 11th, it was only when the media reported how it was the 10 year anniversary of… Continue

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Up In the Air!

Up in the air again tomorrow flying from Belfast City to Leeds/Bradford.  the sick feeling is there but I know I will travel. What it does to my thinking as the time approaches

Added by Lena McCann on April 18, 2011 at 7:22pm — 2 Comments

Flying without fear book in Spanish

Dear Captain Keith,


I would like to know if the Flying without fear book is available in Spanish (if so, where can I get it?), as it has helped me a lot (together with this website) and I would like my sister in law to read it as she is also a nervous flyer and I think it will help her too. Thanks a lot!!By the way I have to say my fear of flying has improved a lot. Still getting nervous but  I even manage to read and sleep during the flight!!


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are there any courses being held the first week of may during the week.

Added by kim lewis on March 18, 2011 at 5:55pm — 1 Comment

Burning type smell for short time:after takeoff/before landing

dear kaith,

first of all thanks for this website.


I could smell like something burnt for short period.

This was before landing on one of the flight and after takeoff for another flight.

Is it normal?What could be the reason?



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February 12th Course

I just wanted to thank Keith and Viv very much for a most enjoyable day. I attended the Course last Summer & went for a 'top up' today! I would certainly recommend this Course to anyone who has a fear of flying. It is also possible to bring along a supporter. Everything is explained in a manner that is easy to understand & any questions are always welcomed! Thanks again & to everyone who came along today, who helped to make it an enjoyable and helpful experience.

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From Jo

Hi Captain Keith

                       Tried very hard to get in your comment blog  it said comments closed so iam going to write it on here .
My nameis joseph  Iam maltese so been flying for quite a few years once I had a bad flght
and since then thats when my fear of flying started. I even started Driving to malta, how
silly is that, It take 3 hours by plane, 5 days by car,In the 80s I went to afear of flying course at london heathrow…

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I haven't been on this website for a while as I was busy dealing with my new baby but it's time now to deal with my old fear...

I was wondering what the best way to help is. I read enough to know that planes are safe but still keep thinking that something bad can happen to me while I am flying. I had hypnotherapy that didn't help at all. I am considering counselling? Have anybody tried? Capitan Keith, what is the best way to help somebody like me who is aware of the technical… Continue

Added by Karolina on January 17, 2011 at 10:14pm — 3 Comments

Appreciation from an ex-fearful flyer

It is a while since I took a look at the forum and things have changed so much, all for the better too! I wanted to come back and show my appreciation for Captain Keith and this website and resources and maybe give hope to those who feel they will never overcome their fear.

I first flew, aged 18, to Greece and thoroughly enjoyed the mild turbulence as a well-travelled friend assured me it was all part of the fun! Later I took a bumpy flight from Manchester to Dublin on a tiny…


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Other websites and When pilots are sure that all is well for take-off.

Hi Everyone

As you'd expect I look around other fear of flying sites to see what's going on. Quite often chunks of my website or book contents appear on other sites so I have to keep an eye on copyright issues.

One person I contested said that he thought I was arrogant and unfriendly because I asked him to remove an entire page of my book from his site. After all he said "I was only trying to help people, what's so wrong in that?" The only helping that was going on was his… Continue

Added by Captain Keith on November 26, 2010 at 9:35am — 2 Comments

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