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6 Flights in 3 Weeks


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Flying Again

Hello All,

Just to say, firstly, that if one thinks about it, Flying is not about being a safer form of transport, but is Safe!!

My first flights were in the old BEA Trident period, compared to todays planes these were rickety but safe non the less.

The power now in those engines of today you can feel the difference, those of us that remember the old tridents.  Nice to look back on them now.

My next flight in November is to Faro by my favourite airline, British…


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Another Flight Taken

Just an update, I have just returned from Faro, by Monarch, nice enough airline, but I prefer British Airways, sorry did I say that too loud?

Anyway a good flight, very little turbulence, but every time a bump I said to myself, "only uncomfortable, not dangerous" I seemed ok, the bit I didn't like was the stacking at Gatwick, safe enough but goes on for a bit, but a good flight nonetheless.

My next one is to Australia in December for Christmas and New Year, I will tell more…


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The Old Feeling

My first flight was on a Hawker Siddeley 748, twin engine prop, from Gatwick to Beavais.  It turned out to be a gale of a weekend in November 1973.  We took off in lovely weather and climbed to 21,000 feet.  Over the channel we entered cloud and then the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime.  Even the airstewardess, as they were called then, had to crawl along the floor.  And there was me looking on as if the whole thing was a normal day out.  Anyway we returned safely to UK.

My next…


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