Finally back from Japan.  Coming back we flew from Narita-Tokyo to Amsterdam, then back to Cork.  The long haul one was a bit bumpy again, but the flight attendant said that it was always a bit bumpy until they got to the siberian lowlands.  There were three instances of hearing words that would normally set me off in tears- "Flight Attendants take your seats please".

Boy that was definitely bumpy.  But I reminded myself that turbulence was uncomfortable, not dangerous, and before I knew it the turbulence was gone and it was back to just normal sky-potholes.  I even managed an hour's nap which is the first time I've slept on a plane in twenty years.  The flight back to Cork was gorgeous.  I'd somehow destressed myself to the point I could look out the window during takeoff, and since it was clear skies the whole way and the sun was also setting.  Landing in Cork we were out to see, turned right and landed in the northern direction which also meant a sunset view of the cliffs.

These are all things I normally miss as I usually bury my face in my hands and just don't look at all.

Thank you again for this site.  I'm not cured, obviously that will take a while to do and it's not instant, but since I've had a good long haul trip and a fantastic vacation when it comes to future flights I can just try to remember those and draw on the positive.  Thank you again ♥

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Comment by Kate N Evans on July 23, 2012 at 9:22am

Will do Captain!  Not seen the last of me :)

Comment by Captain Keith on July 23, 2012 at 7:30am



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