As someone who used to have a fear of flying,to the point where I had to be prescribed medication by the doctor before I flew, and someone who would spend the entire holiday worrying about the return journey, I am fascinated to learn about people's fear of flying, how it effects them personally and more importantly what can be done to help it.

I am particularly interested in learning how to help people, as I now ironically work as a Senior Cabin Crew member for an airline in the UK. In the last 2 and a half years of flying I have encountered some many passengers who are extremely nervous, and despite my best efforts find it very difficult to help some people.

I think the work Keith is doing with this site, his book and courses is brilliant. I have watched the videos and wished I had been aware that help like this was available when I to, had a fear of flying.


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Comment by Kim P. Frey on August 20, 2009 at 4:29am
Dave, I am just starting a blog about my trek through the journey of facing a fear of flying. I am finding that, for me, the fear wasn't only about was symbolic as well as literal. I am happy to open to most any question about my experience. Please stay in touch....Kim
Comment by David Parry on June 26, 2009 at 2:21am
I had always been really nervous when I'd go on holiday with my family to Spain or America, but as I got older I feared terrorism more than anything. I guess when you only fly a couple of times a year or even less, you're always thinking "It could happen to me" because of the few accidents you have seen on the news. But now I fly around 10-16 flights per week, even more when I first started and I can see exactly how safe it is. When I fly as a passenger I really do not enjoy it, I've had to fly to Dublin a couple of times for meetings and have absolutely hated it. As for dealing with nervous passengers in work, I try my best to reassure them, chat to them as i pass despite how busy i might be, and recently one nervous passenger asked to speak to the captain before we took off, and this helped massively, so in the future I'm going to bear this in mind!
Comment by Caro on June 22, 2009 at 11:32am
Dave - I want to know HOW ON EARTH DID YOU MANAGE TO GET RID OF YOUR FEAR SO MUCH that you are now SENIOR CABIN CREW!!????? am sitting here open mouthed in shock! Thats amazing! Big congrats to you for that and also how lovely of you to want to help all of us, def plug Keith's course and his book and this website! From a terrified passenger's point of view...someone like you in cabin crew is my dream..someone who isnt looking down at me or dismissive...that can make me much more panicky as I feel like such a failure. Its only my opinion but just by allowing me to express my fear and talk to you and maybe quickly meet the pilots if they are not busy would help me more than you know...just if you can to give me the nod occasionally that we are not in danger etc..during take off on the last flight I sat near the front and could see one of the cabin crew and every so often I would glance over and he would give me the thumbs up..he probably thought it didnt help (as tears were pouring down my cheeks and I was clutching the seat helping the pilot fly obviously...not) but I wrote to the airline and thanked him as he would never have known just how much that little gesture helped me. The fact that you care enough to want to help means that I am totally sure anyone flying with you will feel the same support! PS: What airline so I know who to book with :) haha dont worry I know you are not allowed to say but I would love to hear your story as to how you got over your fear enough to be up there all the time!? Well done
Comment by Captain Keith on June 21, 2009 at 8:14am
Hi Dave and welcome.

I know that you have tried to get an airline to be more involved in helping the large number of people who are anxious about flying.

Your experience is similar to mine the airlines just don't want to know. They are quite unaware of the numbers of people involved. It amazes me that they haven't seen this niche market as an opportunity to create some goodwill...maybe that even in these difficult economic times they have enough passengers to make a profit.

Thank you for your kind and complimentary remarks about the book and the sites. I'll use this opportunity to give them a plug.


And of course I' m here to answer your questions and give you help support and encouragement on the chat facility here or by email.



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