Hi Keith et all

I flew to Ireland on Thursday, back yesterday from Bristol with Ryanair and it was fine. I didn't really enjoy the flights though so a bit disappointed about that, when we took off on Thursday the plane climbed quite steeply, which I didn't like much, although it was perfectly safe, and then the seatbelt sign came on after it had gone off when we'd levelled out, which I panicked about a little, so i asked the hostess why, and they said something about wheeling the hot food out, for safety etc., but the flight was really smooth and landing was fine. My children calmed me down a huge amount as I was reassuring them on takeoff - they were fine when we were up and looking out of the window waving to granny, i don't think they knew i was nervous as they're only 2 1/2 and i wasn't showing i was nervous except for anxious glances at husband and sweaty hands!

On the way back, the take off wasn't so steep and the flight was incredibly smooth, although the descent frightened me a bit - it was very slightly bumpy and we must have been slowing down a bit and going through cloud, the nose seemed to dip down very slightly for a second and I thought 'this is it' - but then straightened up more power and it was fine - it just felt a bit wobbly for a second, and that was enough to terrify me although my husband was smiling and saying it's perfectly normal landing, and he flies a few times a month. I sat on the engine (not literally) ont he way back and this reassured me a lot, looking at that big strong engine and listening to the noise.

The seats in Ryanair are so close together though if you're over 6 foot your knees are touching the seat in front, and i was annoyed that I could not physically have got into the emergency position if I had needed to, not in a million years, might write to them about that, ridiculous, but the planes seem very modern and comfortable and staff very professional. I still don't want to get in a plane again though although i feel better about it now than i did before i went and i know it's a psychological problem.

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Comment by suzi on February 15, 2010 at 3:55pm
Thanks Keith, you're right, each day at a time and all that - and i did enjoy a few moments of the flight - looking at the stunning views, the beautiful clouds from above with the sun on them, seeing the coast of wales, etc
Comment by Captain Keith on February 15, 2010 at 10:54am
Well done Suzi that's great news.

Standards on the budget airlines are up to the required standards so there's no need to worry about the name 'Budget' it's to do with advertising, not operating standards.

You really must congratulate yourself and not set the standard for the future by saying "I still don't want to get in a plane again" Maybe you do maybe you don't maybe you will maybe you won't...leave that til later. Bask in your success, don't spoil it with things that don't matter right now.

Try to use realistic and positive statements about flying NOT negative ones.
But the fact is you did it and right now that's all that counts. Build on this success.


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