Hi there, i've got a bunch of flights coming up... a small atr air mauritius or air austral from mauritius to a neighbouring island , then later on four flights on Emirates via Dubai (each one 6 - 7 hours ish)... can feel the anxiety starting to build... can anyone assure me it's not possible to be trapped in a plane under water please - this is a big fear of mine, especially trying to get off with small kids in tow...  i think claustrophobia is the main thing with me, as we flew 13 months back on an atr 72 then big jumbo (12 hours), and i was much more nervous on the smaller plane.  On the large plane it was so smooth i could hardly tell it was ascending or descending - we had a thunderstorm in the night and the left windows were lit up with lightning but the plane only had small turbulance from side to side and i felt surprisingly calm, so i'm hoping my fear is improving, just need some more reassuring words... i really want to enjoy my trips...thanks...

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Comment by Captain Keith on August 15, 2011 at 8:38pm


As far as I know the reason the crew instruct the passengers not to inflate their life jackets in the event of an evacuation on water is concerned is so that you don't get stuck inside a plane if it were to fill with water.


However it's much more realistic to think that the chances of this happening are as good as zero. Planes float...we have procedures to land on water and the crew are trained to deal with this unlikely event.


Comment by suzi on August 15, 2011 at 1:24pm
Thanks Blitt. I am trying to stop negative thoughts starting to form and saying to myself ' i will enjoy my flights I will enjoy my flights'... there are people who love flying out there and pilots and cabin crew do it every day. If they can love it, why can't we? Sitting near the exits and near a window always makes me feel a bit happier too.. I'm glad you enjoyed Finland.
Comment by Blitt on August 13, 2011 at 8:55am

Hi Suzi-I vowed to stop flying several years ago as I found my panic attacks seemed to be getting worse not better but this year I have taken to the sky again! I took a short trip from Gatwick to Dublin in April this year.We booked a week before which didn't give me time to worry and panic really.The flight to Dublin and the return trip was fine and I got off the plane thinking why was I so worried? I have just got back from Finland and I found the following tips helped me before the trip;

I read and re read all the tips and advice here on the site and listened to what people said after their flights.I read all the excellent advise from Keith and then I tried to keep busy.I found that if I concentrated on keeping busy I wouldn't allow myself time to go down the road of panic. Every time I woke up feeling why did I book this flight I tried to replace it with positive thoughts-all the reasons I really wanted to see Finland.  I'll admit it wasn't easy on some days but I kept concentrtaing on all the positive thoughts and ended up having a really wonderful time in Finland and on the return flight I was completely relaxed and even enjoyed looking out of the window all the way back!  Beverley


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