Hi All,

Just posting about my little family's upcoming trip to Barcelona on Saturday (returning from Madrid the following Saturday). I'm extremely apprehensive as I haven't flown for 2 years and when I did I had a level 10 (!) panic while waiting to taxi. To be fair, that was the outbound portion and I did manage to stay in touch with reality on the return. I'm also nervous about travelling back on the 767 aircraft which my mind is telling me is 'old' (and of course about to fall apart when we get on it!)

Of course, I've left it a bit long really, and a few months ago I pulled out of a flight, so now it feels an even bigger obstacle. It will be my children's first time flying and they're pretty excited but also level-headed (why can't I be like that?). I'm hoping to focus on their needs and help them have a positive experience without having some kind of melt-down. And just to stay on the plane no matter what, and maybe make a leap of personal growth and have the kind of holiday that makes up for a torrid couple of weeks worrying!

Best wishes to anyone flying soon,



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Comment by Patrik Hedinger on April 15, 2014 at 8:01pm

Hi David. Don't be sorry. I was kidding! I am very happy for you that you made it. I know myself how hard it is to board a flight after avoiding. That's basic psychology: avoidance makes the fear worse. Even more impressive that you still made it!

I am having fun in Taiwan. This place is my second home although my Mandarin is still subpar. On Friday we will fly back to Switzerland via Paris. I started a new discussion on that. It is so amazing to reconquer the sky together ... Thank you ... and please post about your return flight!


Comment by David Wragg on April 15, 2014 at 7:13pm
Thanks Patrik. Sorry for the silence - a combination of getting up at 4.30am for the flight and, yes, having fun put paid to a prompt update. It's lovely here in Barcelona, we've been picnicing in the park and dipping our toes in the Mediterranean today. Hope you're still having fun Patrik!
Comment by Patrik Hedinger on April 15, 2014 at 2:12pm

Wow David, you did it! That's impressive news! I was afraid that your silence meant that you opted out. But no, you were just enjoying your success all by yourself without informing us :-) Enjoy your vacation time with your family.


Comment by David Wragg on April 14, 2014 at 7:55am
Hello Patrik and all my fearful flyer comrades,
My trip on Saturday went very well - everything routine and professional. From my subjective point of view I had to make room for quite a lot of discomfort as my anticipatory anxiety was strong at times, especially sitting on the plane waiting for things to get moving - that's when my emotional brain really gets it's cue to get going; I'm a very creative film-maker in my imagination, which actually meant I was quite surprised when the tyres didn't burst just before take-off ;-)
Anyway, although I was sitting there thinking 'this isn't worth it' before we took off, since I've been in Barcelona doing things like watching the famous magic fountain in glorious evening sunshine with my kiddies, I've changed my mind.
My personal success was going through with the flight in spite of some very powerful urges to avoid it, and again, I'm very glad I didn't. Of course, I've got the return flight on the 767 from Madrid to come but I'm quite content to leave dealing with that till Saturday and am even allowing myself to look forward to it a little, in no small part due to Keith's support.
Keith very kindly gave up a large chunk of his evening to chat with me about the trip and put my mind at ease and I will be forever grateful for this - we are lucky to have him, thanks again Keith!
Hope your holiday is going well Patrik - I'll report back here again on my return flight and look forward to hear about your own journey.

Best wishes,
Comment by Patrik Hedinger on April 13, 2014 at 5:01pm

Hi David

How did it go?



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